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Why You Should Donate Before Moving

Moving brings a lot of challenges and a lot of items you don’t need any more. Here at All My Sons Moving & Storage, our Colorado Springs moving company highly recommends donating your unwanted household items.

Reasons to Donate Before Moving

There are plenty reasons as to why you should donate unwanted household items before moving, but perhaps the best reason is it will save you money and space. Think about it, the more stuff you have to pack, the more money you will have to spend buying boxes and specialty items. If you are moving long-distance, most companies charge by the weight and distance of your household items. Donating unwanted items to a local charity or giving away some items to friends and family can help lower the weight of what’s being moved, resulting in greater savings for you.  

With all the items you are donating, your new home won’t be as cluttered as before! This is will be a perfect time to reorganize and think about what you truly want to bring into your new location. Having a blank slate creates a sense of calming and new beginnings, this is the perfect reason to decorate your new residence to make it feel like home.

Donating items will also help you in the long run come the tax season, so don’t throw away those receipts you got when you donated your gently used items! Our Colorado Springs full-service movers recommend taking pictures of all your receipts and categorizing them, which can help with the inventory process once the month of April rolls around.

The Best Places to Donate

There are tons of charities out there that are in desperate need of clothes and your household items, it can feel overwhelming deciding which one you should choose. A tip from our Colorado moving company is to find a charity you find dear to your heart.

Goodwill, Salivation Army, and even local charities in your area that help support organizations are in desperate need of items. Most charities will also come and pick up heavier items such as furniture and even large bags of clothes.

What to Do When You Are Finished Donating

Once you are finished going through your items in your house and have finished giving away your household goods, call us at All My Sons Moving & Storage and let us help you move to your new location. Our Colorado Springs moving company offers all the support you need! We pack, unpack, move long-distance, and move locally, thanks to our Colorado Springs local movers. Contact us to learn more about our other moving packages and if you are new to Colorado Springs, ask our Colorado Springs movers about the best local charities in the area. We are here to help you move without complications or stress. Don’t hesitate, call today!

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