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Top Local Destinations for Colorado Spring Foodies 2018

A move to Colorado Springs is a chance to experience new and exciting things, including the chance to try the top destinations for food. With so many options for food in Colorado Springs out there, not knowing where to eat can be tough. Below, we’ve listed the top destinations in Colorado Springs for foodies.


Do What the Locals Do

Colorado Springs at a glance is beautiful, scenic place to live, and our Colorado Springs auto movers can tell you that. But, trying to avoid tourists in your new town might seem hard when you don’t know where to eat.

Shuga’s is a local restaurant that’s known for creative cocktails and coffee, served in a retro-feel décor. Locals suggest the “Beet-Down” cocktail – which is a vodka-based drink infused with beets. For food, try the Spicy Shrimp Soup everyone raves about!

Another local restaurant is Poor Richard’s, a place known to locals and foodies out in Colorado Springs. Poor Richards is a family owned business, making each customer feel like family once they step through the door. The well-known 18-inch pizza, where 28 toppings can fit on top, is a family style pizza that’s served fresh. Buying just a slice is an option as well. Our Colorado Springs auto movers can go more in depth about local eats and food in Colorado Springs all day long!


Food Tour

One of the top destinations for you foodies out there is the Rocky Mountain Food Tour. Located in downtown Colorado Springs, the food tour features tastings of some of the best local restaurants. Each tour is equipped with an entertaining food tour guide to help light up your taste buds and let you experience some of the best options for food in Colorado Springs. The food tour is also a chance to meet new people, especially if you’re a new resident.


Elegant Dining

Whether you’re looking for a romantic spot or a place to splurge, Colorado Springs has some high dinning restaurants to fulfill your needs. Pepper Tree is an elegant restaurant featuring panoramic views of downtown Colorado Springs. Our Colorado movers can agree that the steak is cooked table side, and has an exceptional wine list to pair with.

If steak isn’t your thing, another elegant place to visit is the Broadmoor. The resort features 12 places to dine at, each catered to different styles of food and wines. Another perk of the Broadmoor is the fact that you can stay a couple nights before you decide to move to Colorado Springs! Here you can really decide if Colorado Springs is the place for you.

Now that you know this lovely town isn’t just a place full of scenery, but a hidden gem for foodies, it’s time to move to Colorado Springs! Contact our Colorado Springs auto movers to begin your move, and your culinary feast, now!

Also, don’t forget to ask our Colorado movers on more information or directions to help answer any questions you might have about food in Colorado, and more.