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Tips for Sprucing Up Your New Home

Are you unhappy with how your new home looks? Don’t worry! There are small changes you can make to your home that are also budget-friendly! Our professional Colorado Springs movers have created a list of a few tips for sprucing up your new home.


Small Changes You Can Make to Your Home

Before you do anything, make sure you are putting a stop to your major home improvement projects. There are so many budget-friendly home projects that are great for sprucing up your home. Here are a few small changes you can make to your home.

1. Pick a Different Paint Color for Your Walls

One of the best tips for sprucing up your new home is by picking a different paint color for your walls. Our residential Colorado Springs movers understand the frustration you may feel with a wall color that doesn’t match your personality. There is nothing a fresh coat of paint can’t fix, and it’s a budget-friendly project. It’s all about trial and error with choosing a paint color. Check out one of our local home improvement stores to choose the perfect paint color for your new home.

2. Change the Color of Your Front Door

While you are at one of our home improvement stores picking up paint for your walls, try picking out a fun color for your front door. You can give your front door a fresh and new look with a few coats of paint. This is a great way to freshen up your new home while also completing a simple project. If you are looking to step outside the box, try painting your door a bright aqua or red color to make your home stand out. Since you are only painting your front door, this project should cost you well under $50!  

3. Clean Up Your Cabinets

Don’t worry if you purchased an older home that has kitchen and bathroom cabinets that are old with many scratches! Another one of the best tips for sprucing up your new home is to clean up your cabinets. This is a simple but effective budget-friendly project that will make a difference. Purchase some cabinet cleaner and a brush to complete this small change to your home. If you are still unable to get out the scratches, a fresh coat of paint or stain should be able to spruce up your cabinets.

4. Swap Cabinet Hardware

According to our local Colorado Springs movers, another small change you can make to your home is to swap cabinet hardware. It is not uncommon for your kitchen and bathroom to look outdated, but an easy fix is to replace the hardware. There are so many different materials you can choose from for your cabinet hardware. Check out rose gold knobs or matte black cabinet pulls. Choose whichever material you like the best, and you can always replace them again down the road due to their affordability,

Remember, put a stop to your major home renovations and keep in mind our tips for sprucing up your new home. Feel free to call our dedicated moving company today to learn more about our moving resources. Good luck with your budget-friendly home projects!