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The Ultimate Packing Guide

The moving process is never an easy job, especially the monumental task of packing. Packing up an entire house is not only stressful but exhausting as well. Luckily, All My Sons Moving & Storage has a trusted Colorado Springs packing guide our professionals have used with every job they’ve completed that we are now sharing with you.


Get Organized

One of the first steps in the Colorado Springs packing guide is to organize. Do you have a date set for the move? Use that as a guide to determine when you should start packing up your house. Start getting your items ready for packing. Sort through your belongings and decide what you are doing to give to friends and family, donate to charities, or take with you to the new house. Write down your thoughts and ideas about what to do about your items as you pack.



When you’re packing, you just want to get through the process quickly. However, this leads to a bigger mess and chaos later on as you’re unpacking. The Colorado Springs packing guide recommends that you label everything. When you finish packing a box, label it with the name of the room where it belongs and seal right up. For example, a box with utensils and small appliances, at minimum, should say “kitchen.” Don’t guess where certain items are when you’re unpacking. If you spend just that extra 30 seconds to specify “Kitchen – utensils & small appliances,” you’ll save yourself a little extra time when you’re looking for a glass from another “Kitchen” box.


Prepare an Essentials Bag

When packing up your house, don’t pack absolutely everything. There are certain things you use daily that you’re probably going to need in the final days leading up to the big move, even the morning of. Prepare an essentials bag for yourself. This could be a small suitcase or overnight duffle bag. Include things like a change of clothes, a toothbrush and toothpaste, soap and a loofah or hand towel for bathing, shampoo and conditioner, and charging cables for electronics. You should also organize a folder with important paperwork that you don’t want to lose. As a bonus, set aside an empty box for the last minute pot, plates, cups, and utensils you used to cook or eat food with during the last few days in the old house (if you didn’t order out those days).


Leave It to The Professionals

The most convenient way to handle your move, of course, is to hire a moving company, particularly one with a packing service included. If you do not feel ready to tackle this whole packing experience by yourself, our local Colorado Springs movers have a thorough Colorado Springs packing service. Each mover is trained to handle your items safely. As recommended in the Colorado Springs packing Guide, our experts organize and label each box according to the room where they belong so they know where to place the box when they unload at the new house.


Stowing Items Away

For those items that just did not make it to the new house either because you just don’t have the room for it or don’t want it now, store it at one of our facilities. Our Colorado Springs moving company has a secure and climate-controlled storage facility that is available for however long or short amount of time you need it.


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