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Millennials Adulting in Colorado Springs

Move over Portland, and step-aside Denver, Colorado Springs is here.

Life as a Millennial in Colorado Springs

Millennials are migrating to this postcard-esque Colorado haven in record numbers. According to a study by Brookings Institution’s Metropolitan Policy Program, this age group is moving to Colorado Springs at a higher rate than any other city in the country. While this is true, it may not be the allure of typewriter-laden cafes or locally sourced restaurants that are drawing them to move to Colorado. Our experts believe it is because adulting in Colorado Springs makes for a stress-free life!

Forbes has called Colorado Springs one of the nation’s best cities for business and careers and our local movers in Colorado Springs could not agree more. This increased opportunity has attracted thousands of more career-minded young adults. In the hope of advancing their careers, they leave their families and friends behind and venture out to Colorado to begin “adulting” in Colorado Springs.

What Colorado Springs has that other cities do not is a low cost of living paired with increased opportunity since it is not as populated as other locations millennials desire. Young adults can achieve their goals faster in the more serene atmosphere of Colorado Springs, which has been acclimating to such a change. Upon this great migration of millennials to the city, there has been a spike in urban development.

Adulting in Colorado Springs

Adulting in Colorado Springs is a breeze, which is why many young adults choose to move here. In addition to the room for urban growth. Our Colorado Springs movers have seen an upsurge in the metropolitan areas of the city. Upon your move to Colorado Springs, expect to glimpse rows upon rows of trendy coffee shops and local, family-owned music cafes and used bookstores. With this advancement, the city has taken on a unique ambience unparalleled by even the pinnacle of hipster outposts—Portland.

Adulting in Colorado Springs is not complete without coffee. Colorado Springs is home to Story Coffee Company, too, which has been called the most beautiful café in Colorado by The Architectural Digest. They should be prepared for a spike in business when the millennial workforce arrives on their lunch break. One aspect of Colorado Springs which is unprecedented in other millennial melting pots is its access to nature. As the younger generation leans towards the all-natural and the organic, this health craze has also prompted one which promotes exercise and activity. You can find a 24-Hour Fitness anywhere, but what about mountains? The millennial draw towards the natural paired with their attraction to being more active is met here. Young adults can take a break from adulting in Colorado Springs and go for a hike, after a quick stop at the local coffee shop, of course.


Whether or not you are a millennial adulting in Colorado Springs, our Colorado Springs residential movers still encourage you to move to Colorado. This surge of young, ambitious, and culturally minded individuals into a single city has tangible impacts on everyone. After all, who does not love warming up to an artisan mug of gourmet, organically sourced coffee from Brazilian coffee beans with a triple shot of espresso, while listening to the soothing voice of Ray LaMontagne? Contact us now for a free, no-obligation quote!