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Downsizing Home Checklist for Families

It’s a scary thought to move, but even more so when you have to move to a smaller house. Whether you need to downsize for financial reasons, or you just don’t want to live with less stuff, downsizing can seem overwhelming; especially with kids. Luckily, our movers in Colorado Springs understand the struggle all too well and have created a downsizing home checklist for families.


Give Yourself Time – Start Planning Now

The first and foremost step on the ultimate downsizing home checklist for families is to start planning right away. The earlier you can start the better. Downsizing to a smaller home is not something that can be done in one day. Set a goal for yourself about how much of your stuff you want to get rid of, which can help you determine how strict you have to be about letting go of something.


Next, you need to start considering what you want to either stow away in a storage facility, donate, or take with you to the new house. The kitchen is a good place to start. Small kitchen appliances that are useful for only one specific, niche function are good candidates to sort into the “donate” pile. They were likely impulse purchases and are hardly used, anyway, like that SnoCone machine you bought over the summer for a “cool, refreshing treat.” For some reason, it’s normal to accumulate extra cooking utensils, too. If you have 4 spatulas, that’s probably more than you need. Keep the ones you actually use and get rid of the rest.


If your children have outgrown their clothing (and you don’t plan to save those clothes for another child you want to have in the future), donate it to a friend or family member with a child or a local charity. You can do the same with your own closet, donate clothes that don’t fit you or that you don’t wear anymore. If your kids have lost interest in some of the toys they still have, donate those too. You can always replace old toys with new toys after you move, or even encourage your children to use their imaginations with the fewer toys they do keep. If your children are struggling to let go of some toys, talk to them about the benefits of donating and how it can help other families, making other little boys and girls happy.


Measure Everything

Once you know what dwelling you are moving to, you need to measure everything in the new house before you actually move. Measure doorways to make sure your belongings, furniture especially, can fit through the opening. Measure all the rooms so you know if your current furniture fits and how to arrange it. Furniture that existed in your old place may not fit in your new house. If your furniture is to big for your smaller place, you may need to consider selling it and choosing a more compact design.


Take This Opportunity to Upgrade

Out with the old, in with the new. Take this opportunity to allow yourself to get new items that actually fit into your new house. You can always upgrade your couch and get a new bed. Consider options that feature additional storage so you can maximize the space you have to work with.


Packing for a Smaller Move

When reading this downsizing checklist for families, think about all the benefits of living with less. One of the perks of moving into a smaller home is that you have fewer things to pack. Who actually enjoys packing, right? Well, when you downsize into a smaller home you won t have to spend countless hours packing up an entire house. Plus, you will be saving money by reducing the amount of each packing product you need to purchase for the move. Just remember to label and organize each box according to the room where they belong.


Looking Ahead

Downsizing isn’t the end of the world. Just keep your end goal in mind and it will help make this process a lot easier in the end. Once you have read and completed the downsizing home checklist for families, hopefully you will be calmer and more relaxed for your move. Don’t dwell on letting things go. Less is more in the end!


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