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3 Ways to Meet New People after Moving

Don’t shy away from new people. Instead, meetup and live it up in your new city.

New city, new home, new people—so much change takes place when you decide to move to Colorado Springs. While it’s easy to focus on the aspects of your house or your town, meeting your new community often takes a backseat. The opportunity to create for yourself a completely new group of neighbors and friends is rare, so take advantage of your move and meet new people.

Use these three pieces of advice from our Colorado moving company to ensure an easy transition into your new community.

Walk Your Dog

If you have a dog or any kind of pet that you wouldn’t look crazy taking out for a stroll, go out into your neighborhood for a walk. Not only will this clear your head after the craziness of moving, but it will open up ample opportunity for you to interact with new people. Just think, conversation topics are basically laid out for you. This is a great activity especially for introverts or for those who aren’t fans of small talk.

You can even explore local dog parks where other animal-lovers group. Chat it up as your pup runs about. You may even get a coffee date out of it. Not to mention, your pet will love you for bringing them.


Hit the Gym

Signing up for a gym membership may result in a lifelong deal, but you might make a lifelong friendship from it, too, or at least an acquaintance. Again, conversation is easy here, and as long as it’s local, you can interact with neighbors and other community members who also value healthy lifestyles and working out.

The gym offers a unique way to meet new people because it doesn’t require that you make long conversation or exchange many personal details at all. Just get your run on if you’re not feeling social that day. You’re still getting out into your community after your move to Colorado Springs, which at least makes you a more familiar face.


Work it Out

This is a different kind of working out. If you’re not a dog-owner or a fitness-fanatic, then make the most of your interactions with coworkers. You will most likely end up working somewhere after your move, spending much of your time there, so use that to your advantage. Since you have to be there anyway, a workplace can be a great area to interact with your community and gain new friends. With many things in common, coworkers are easy to connect with quickly, making acclimating to your new home a much easier, more welcoming process.

Whether you’re a social butterfly or a conversation wallflower, use these tips from our team at All My Sons Moving & Storage to make your new city a little homier.