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Questions to Ask Your Movers in Cleveland

Are you new to the whole moving process? Feeling overwhelmed about questions to ask your movers, how to pack, and where to even begin in this moving thing? Well, our Cleveland movers are here to help you through the whole moving process by highlighting some important questions to ask moving companies.



You wouldn’t just buy the car without first doing the proper research right? The same rule should apply when you’re looking for a moving company. Before you start to ask your movers the important questions about their services, ask friends and family for referrals first. If they’ve had an exceptionally good or even bad experience, they’ll be honest with you. If they do not have any recommendations, do some research online, search for local moving companies that offer the services you’d ideally have for your move.


Rates and Estimates

Of course, you want to know how much everything is going to cost before you start, but you would be surprised at the number of moving companies that do not highlight how much they charge for each service or how many hidden fees appear on the final bill. One of the first questions to ask your movers when you are considering them for the job is to find out how much the standard fees are for their services. Do they charge for long-distance? Are there additional expenses for fuel? Or any other additional fees related to mileage or size of the move? Don’t be afraid to ask your movers questions that get to the nitty gritty because a moving company should be as transparent about their pricing from the beginning. That way you won’t feel bamboozled when they slap you with a bill that’s much more than you were originally quoted.


Our Cleveland moving company is completely open about how we price our services so the free, no-obligation moving quote our moving consultants provide before you sign any deals more accurately reflects what you will actually pay. One of our local Cleveland movers will assess the size and difficulty of your move and determine which services would be most beneficial to make the move as efficient as possible. Using this information as well as the budget you had in mind, together we develop a moving plan tailored to your moving needs.



Besides referrals from family and friends, you want ask you movers for testimonials to see what previous customers have said about their moving company. Our professional Cleveland movers are the experts and are more than happy to provide you with the testimonials you wish to see.


Making Sure They Have Licensed Movers

With many moving companies popping up, there are a lot of movers who aren’t actually certified and licensed to conduct relocations. Always ask for the proper documentation to make sure they are compliant with the rules and regulations. All of our movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage have undergone a thorough background to check to make sure they are secured and licensed to handle your household items. We offer moving insurance to whose who need so that in a worst-case scenario you will be covered for the loss or damage of your household items.


Contact Us

Our full-service moving company is here to answer any moving questions you have about your past moving experience or future one. We have moving coordinators standing by the phone to make sure that your needs and wants are taken care of and we provide the best moving experience possible for you. Call our friendly moving consultants if you have any more questions to ask moving companies and learn more about our moving company and the moving services we offer you and your family to make your move a stress-free experience.