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New Year, New Room—Ways to Revamp Your Bedroom

The time has come to say goodbye to your old room and begin to revamp your bedroom! What better time to begin a bedroom makeover than to ring in the New Year? Our professional Cleveland movers are here to share a few ways to revamp your bedroom. 


Introduce Pops of Color

One of the best decorating tips to revamp your bedroom is to introduce pops of color. Not only is adding hints of color a hot interior design trend, but it’s an easy way to give yourself a bedroom makeover. Sometimes your room can feel dull with the same colors you have used during the previous years. Our Cleveland residential movers suggest introducing pops of color in your bedding linens, wall art, and accent accessories. Try adding a blue abstract rug under your bed or a blush pink fuzzy blanket on top of your bedding. There are various ways to introduce pops of color as you revamp your bedroom.


Switch Out Your Linens

As you begin preparing to revamp your bedroom, you may want to consider switching out your linens. Over time your sheets, blankets, and comforter can become ratty and worn. It’s also not uncommon for you to grow tired of sleeping with the same linens for days on end. You can swap your comforter for something more vibrant or with a soft, t-shirt jersey material. Ditch your old, thin sheets for a fresh pair of Supima or European cotton sheets with a high thread count. Try incorporating a few throw pillows to give your bed a whole new look.


Rearrange Your Bedroom Furniture

One of the easiest ways to revamp your bedroom for the New Year is to rearrange your bedroom furniture. According to our local Cleveland movers, your room can look dramatically different just by slightly adjusting the placement of your furniture. Try to move your bed to a different wall or push your dresser against a different corner. You might be surprised to find a whole new chunk of space in your bedroom. 


Incorporate Prints and Patterns

If your bedroom already has pops of color, try to incorporate prints and patterns instead. While you are searching for new linens, you can add a printed bedspread with a botanical design, polka dots, or a bohemian mandala. Another great way to incorporate prints and patterns is through accent pieces. Try adding a marble printed vase with real or fake flowers for décor. An excellent way to revamp your bedroom is with printed or patterned wall art. Find a beautiful abstract mural with colors of your choosing to add a personal touch to your newly updated bedroom.

Our dedicated Cleveland long-distance movers hope you have discovered a few ways to revamp your bedroom for the New Year. Contact our moving company today if you need any further assistance with a relocation in Cleveland or anywhere else in the country.