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How to Move to Cleveland with Pets

With an upcoming move to Cleveland, you have mountainous tasks to complete before you move out. Such tasks may include reserving Ohio movers to move you into your new home without breaking a sweat, scheduling an installation with your home security provider, shopping for new furniture and décor, and so on. However, something else you must handle before your move is your furry friend’s well-being. Animals are prone to behave uncharacteristically due to the sudden change in their environment. Not to worry, our Cleveland movers go into detail about how to move to Cleveland with pets.


Getting Your Furry Friend Ready for the Move

The first step to consider when you move to Cleveland with pets is to give the vet a visit. During your visit, ask for additional prescriptions, if needed, to last your pet well after the move. Don’t forget to ask about rabies laws by state [1] if you’re moving with pets across the country. The vet can also provide recommendations for a new vet to ensure your furry friend receives the best medical care after moving to Cleveland.

After visiting the vet, prepare an overnight bag for your pet to help them feel comfortable during the move. The bag can include toys, food, treats, a pooper scooper, cat litter, and any other necessities to help your pet feel somewhat calm.


Moving Out with Pets

Just before our Cleveland long-distance movers arrive to help you move out, check your pet into a doggy daycare or the vet’s clinic to keep them away from the chaos of moving out. While our Ohio movers are boxing up your belongings as part of the Cleveland packing services, call several hotels along your route to double-check if they’re animal-friendly. Animals need a break from the closed-in space of the vehicle, and an overnight stay in a hotel room can help when you move to Cleveland with pets.

While you’re on the road, you can keep small animals safe in a kennel when moving long-distance with pets. A couple of weeks before moving day, train them to sleep in the kennel for a few hours and reward them with treats for good behavior.


Moving In

Now that you’ve finally made it to Cleveland, start making your pet feel comfortable with their new surroundings as soon as possible. Designate a safe area away from our movers in the new home for the pets to familiarize themselves with the new home. For big dogs, tie them up in the backyard to keep them from escaping while moving in. After our reliable movers get you smoothly settled in, take your dog out for a walk to explore their new surroundings.


Moving with the Best in Town

If you’re arranging plans to move to Cleveland, make our Ohio movers your first-choice in relocation services. Call 216-370-7968 today for your free, no-obligation quote.




[1] Power Shots MN – Rabies Laws by State