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Home Services in Cleveland

Welcome to your new community! Cleveland, Ohio, is full of kind people, various activities, and home services. Transitioning into a new place can be tough as you try to find people to help you with your home improvement projects. Don’t worry, our dedicated Cleveland movers are here to share some of the best home services in Cleveland.

Cleveland Cleaning Companies

It’s not uncommon to hire a Cleveland cleaning company before you move. Our residential Cleveland movers understand wanting a freshly clean place. Cleveland cleaning companies will come to your home before you move in and clean every inch of it before you arrive. Check out these cleaning companies in Cleveland that are sure to do an outstanding job.

1. Cardinal Maids

If you are looking for someone to do an impeccable job on your home, then you should check out Cardinal Maids. They are a Cleveland cleaning company that uses no hidden fees with a crew that has passed a background check. Cardinal Maids aims to be as transparent as possible to provide the best services. They are Cleveland’s go-to maid service for houses, apartments, small offices, and deep cleanings.

2. R&Ds Always Cleaning

Another excellent Cleveland cleaning company is R&Ds Always Cleaning. The owner started the business in 2016. She previously worked as a housekeeper for hotels, hospitals, and homes. She took her passion and turned it into a business. They specialize in houses, apartments, condos, moving in/moving out cleanings, commercial buildings, and offices. You can also find post-event cleanings, janitorial services, and eco/green cleaning.

Finding a Handyman in Cleveland

It’s not uncommon to hire a handyman in Cleveland after relocating to town. You might need to repair your pipes or install your A/C unit. Finding a handyman can be tough, so our local Cleveland movers are here to help! Here are the best home services in Cleveland for repairs, installation, and more.

1. Your Home Handyman

This is an excellent handyman in Cleveland that specializes in plumbing and electrical maintenance and repairs. David, the owner, responds quickly and efficiently to your requests. A few repair services include faucets, pipes, sinks, and toilets. He also offers installation for faucets, toilets, and smoke detectors.

2. Mr. Handyman

If you are looking for a safe and guaranteed solution for your repairs and maintenance, then you should check out Mr. Handyman. Their technicians are highly skilled, with over ten years of experience. This wonderful company will handle your request for home services in Cleveland. They will tackle your assembly, carpentry, electrical, painting, remodeling, plumbing, and more.

Now that you are more comfortable with the home services in Cleveland, you can focus on relocating to town. Call our team today to learn more about our wonderful moving services.