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Bad Cleaning Habits to Break

Our Cleveland movers know that no one really enjoys cleaning their home, especially before or after a move. Most of us are always looking for ways to cut down our cleaning time or to make the chore of cleaning easier on ourselves. You may not realize it, but there is such a thing as bad cleaning habits! Sometimes when we are in too much of a hurry to get our home clean, we may be making things dirtier in the process. Let our professionals share our good cleaning habits to ensure a clean home.


How to Break Bad Cleaning Habits

Creating good cleaning habits is a lot easier than you think! Not only will you have a cleaner home, but you will also find time savers that keep your home clean longer.

Do not allow things to accumulate on tables or counters
Even though most of the world is going paperless, there are still little fliers and other pieces of paper we collect in our day to day lives that seem to always end up on a table or the kitchen counter. Eventually the pile grows so large we cannot stand the sight of it anymore! To create good cleaning habits, try to throw away the pieces of paper you do not need as soon as you check the mail or get home.

If there are important pieces of paper, such as documents, that you need quick access to or pieces of mail you need to collect to give to someone else, our Cleveland residential movers recommend having a designated area for these things, like a basket or mail holder. However, you will also want to be sure that these containers do not get too crowded either.

Do not leave things a mess in the bathroom
The hardest part of a bathroom to clean is the mildew that forms on surfaces. Things like wet shower curtains and wet towels can be the cause of mildew and a foul odor in your bathroom if left bunched up and wet. To create good cleaning habits in your bathroom, close the sower curtain when you are done with a shower and leave your towels properly spread on a towel rack to dry.

Keep your house tools clean after each use
Practicing good cleaning habits means keeping your cleaning supplies clean as well. Make sure to clean out your vacuum after each use and its filter after every few uses, so that your vacuum properly cleans around your home as you use it. You will also want to clean out your washing machine to make sure that the built-up bacteria from the laundry detergent does not find its way into the things that you are washing.

Other Good Cleaning Habits to Practice

Our Cleveland local movers want to share other good cleaning habits to practice around your home that can also save time in the cleaning process.

- Use more than one disinfectant wipe to clean the bathroom or kitchen

- Do not leave dirty dishes in the sink

- Do not wear your outside shoes inside

- Store your cleaning products properly

- Clean out old food in your fridge often

- Make your bed in the morning

- Make sure that you are using the right cleaning products for the job

Movers in Cleveland You Can Count On

Our professional movers in Cleveland know good cleaning habits and even better moving habits. Trust us to take care of your move to or from Cleveland! We have the best packing services in Ohio and will make sure that your belongings make the trip safely! Contact us today for your free, no obligation quote.