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Moving to Chesapeake, Virginia with All My Sons

Welcome to the independent city in the Commonwealth of Virginia, Chesapeake. Considered the third-most populous city in Virginia, Chesapeake holds a population of over 233,000 in the various terrains including farmland, forests, and wetlands. When shopping around for quality relocation services to help you move to Chesapeake, make our Newport News movers your first-choice. Our moving company in Chesapeake provides a wide-range of first-class relocation services such as packing services, long-distance moving, as well as storage facilities to make the move easier on you. So, don’t sweat the process, let our experienced Chesapeake movers take care of your move to town.

Fun & Games in Chesapeake

Of course, you should treat yourself and the family to a day of fun after moving to Chesapeake. So, while our moving company in Chesapeake handles your packing needs with our Newport News packing services, discover what fun Chesapeake has to offer. Race against the clock with the family as you solve puzzles and find hidden clues at Escape2Win.1 You’ll have 60 minutes to solve your way out of a locked room with other teammates while unlocking secret doors and using elements aid your escape. In order to win, everyone must work as a team and use their “thinking caps” to escape in time.

Add to the fun by bringing the family to GameWorks2 for a variety of entertainment. The family will get to play the latest, most popular arcade and videogames in addition to laser tag, bowling, and billiards. With every game you win, tickets are dispensed from the machines, allowing you to collect tickets for prizes. After working up an appetite with all the fun you’ve been having, head to the in-house restaurant and chow down from their diverse menu. The welcoming staff maintains a clean facility for the guests and are always willing to help if needed.

Chesapeake R&R

Moving to Chesapeake can cause a bit of stress, so treat yourself to a day of rest and relaxation at local spas. Luxuriate in the calming oasis of Relax the Feet as the hospitable staff soothe the soreness and exhaustion. Upon walking into the spa, you’ll feel like you’re in an oasis when you choose one of their tranquil reflexology services with a peaceful ambiance.

Expand your spa options at the Happy Feet Spa as the staff help restore your mind and body after moving to Chesapeake. Enjoy first-class treatment with their many spa services such as cupping, facials, Swedish massage, Deep Tissue massage, and more.

Hire the Professional at All My Sons

While shopping for relocation services to help you move, choose our Chesapeake movers for a smooth, hassle-free move. Our moving company in Chesapeake takes pride in each and every move, making sure our client receives the best customer care in town. With over twenty years of relocation experience, you can count on our expert movers to handle your valuables with meticulous care along the way. Call us today for your free, no-obligation quote.



1. Escape2Win

2. GameWorks


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