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Staging Your Home for An Open House

You got that new job you always wanted, and you and your family are moving to Charlotte. Before you can break out the boxes and hire a North Carolina moving company to get the job done, you need to sell your home. Do not panic. At All My Sons Moving & Storage Charlotte, we want to share some tips we have picked up over the years about staging your home to prepare for an open house.

How to Stage your Home to Prepare for An Open House

To start, staging a home is setting up the home in an aesthetically-pleasing way in order to get the home sold. First impressions go a long way in buying a home so staging a home involves organization, decluttering, and perhaps some repairs.  

If you have some time before you have to hire that Charlotte moving company, you may want to look into making some repairs or renovations that will increase the value of your home. Only invest in changes that will result in a payout for you. You will want to do some thorough research before you begin. These changes do not need to be huge either. Giving some rooms a neutral fresh coat of paint can go a long way. Designed to Sell designer Lisa LaPorta suggests using a high-adhesion primer and ceramic epoxy covering on outdated tile. 1


Staging A Home on A Budget

If you are staging a home on a budget, there are still some simple things you can do that can transform your home.

Clean. A clean home is way more appealing that a bathroom with streak stains and a kitchen that looks like it would fail a health inspection test. So, make sure to get the house sparkling clean!  

Remove pictures, personal items, knickknacks, and basically anything that is not neutral. These items can be off-putting to potential buyers as they want to imagine the home as theirs. Also, if you have Tar Heels stuff all over your home and the potential buyers are Duke fans, you could leave a bad taste in their mouth.

Take the time to declutter your home. You will want to do some spring cleaning before you move anyway, but putting items away or in storage can make your home look bigger as well as more appealing.

Do not forget about the outside. The front of your house is the buyer’s first impression. Doing a little bit of yardwork for some better curb appeal may give your home the cosmetic lift it needs.

While you may think a North Carolina moving company is just there to move some boxes, it doesn’t have to be that way. As Charlotte full-service movers, we at All My Sons Moving & Storage Charlotte want to be able to help you throughout the moving process whether you are moving to Charlotte or San Diego. Whether you want to know about staging a home on a budget or you are looking for Charlotte auto movers, reach out to us to learn more.



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