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Top 10 Moving Safety Tips to Prevent Injury from Winter Park Movers

Moving to a new home? Great! If you don’t have much experience with moving, you may not know about the dangers that are associated with the process. In fact, part of what makes moving annoying for most people is the aches and pains that visit them the following day. Furthermore, there are those who have had the misfortune of sustaining much more serious injuries, requiring hospitalization. Hiring the services of the All My Sons Winter Park movers is the best way to prevent yourself from moving related injuries. Our moving and packing professionals will alleviate you from the most troublesome tasks. However, if you are the “hands-on” type, then it is imperative to follow these moving safety tips:


Plan Ahead

Take a page out of Batman’s playbook and know what needs to be done ahead of time to achieve your goal. Preparation is the key to a safe and efficient move.  

Get Some Moving Assistance

Once again, the All Sons Winter Park movers are always on standby to assist you with your moving needs. However, if you opt for a DIY move, then get some help from your friends and family. The more hands on deck, the better.

Pack Moving Boxes Accordingly

Don’t make the mistake of putting heavy items in big boxes. Also, don’t fill your smaller boxes with light weight items. There’s a strategy to packing for security, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Buy the Necessary Tools to Get the Job Done

If you’re disassembling furniture, you’ll need tools. If you’ve done your due diligence and mapped out what needs to be done, then you should have your tools on hand already. If not, then this is something you’ll have to take care of immediately. A basic kit that includes a hammer, screwdriver, pliers and an allen wrench should suffice. Also, make sure that you have a sturdy pair of scissors and box cutters on hand.

Be Mindful of What Clothes to Wear for Moving

Although this shouldn’t be an issue, a lot of times moving injuries occur because of the type of clothing that people wear. Loose, comfortable clothing is ideal for lifting and loading heavy boxes and furniture. This can include jeans, t-shirts, sweatshirts and sweatpants, shorts, boots, and sneakers.

Find Out What Frank Says About the Forecast

Ok his name may not be Frank and he could very well be a she, but you should check your local news station to see what the weather conditions will be like. Moving in the rain is not ideal, but it’s better to know ahead of time should it happen to be the case.

Don’t Break Your Back

Don’t break your legs or fingers either. People regularly make the mistake of lifting heavy items with their back and end up straining it. Sometimes they drop heavy moving boxes on their feet and break their toes.

Refuel and Rehydrate

Moving is tough work. It involves a lot of heavy lifting over a period of hours. Your body burns a ton of calories in the process which is great for your figure, but not so much for your energy levels. Throughout the course of moving, be sure to refuel your body with healthy snacks such as fruits, protein bars and sandwiches. Also, drink plenty of water or sports drinks with electrolytes.

Keep a Portable Doctor on Standby

No, we don’t mean a tiny doctor that fits in your pocket. We’re referring to a first aid kit. Keep these handy during your move. It’s common to get cut or scratched when you’re packing or carrying boxes. Make sure that your first aid kit is stocked with bandages, antiseptic cream, aspirin or ibuprofen, alcohol, and gauze.

Get the Good Stuff

Moving costs can add up, so getting free moving boxes is a good idea, right? No... well, it depends. Moving boxes that aren’t strong enough quality can break, causing injury to your feet, legs, knees, and hands. When you pack your belongings for a move, make sure that you’re using durable boxes sealed with strong quality packaging tape.


Hopefully, these moving safety tips will have you ready for a safe and secure move. However, if you have any questions or would professionals to give you a hand, contact the All My Sons Winter Park movers today. We offer quality service at affordable prices!