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The Importance of Weather Controlled Storage Facilities in Erie, CO

Are you looking to store your belongings in storage facilities in Erie, CO? Let the professional movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage share the importance of choosing weather controlled storage in Colorado. First, we’re going to tell you exactly what weather controlled storage in Colorado is, what to consider when deciding if you need weather controlled storage, and then we will answer any frequently asked questions.

What is Weather Controlled Storage?

Weather controlled storage facilities in Erie, CO are beneficial for storing environmentally-sensitive and/or valuable items. These storage facilities are almost always indoor, with temperatures ranging from 55 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. These types of facilities are meant to provide stable temperatures and humidity levels, so your valuables will be better protected from damage while in long-term storage.

Do I Need Weather Controlled Storage?

You must consider three things: where are you storing your items, what kind of items are you storing, and how long will you be storing these items?

If you are planning to store your belongings in a region that experiences extreme cold, heat, or humidity, you should consider weather controlled storage. The general rule is this: you don’t want your belongings to be in temperatures over 90 or below 32 degrees. Extreme heat can melt and warm your belongings, and can cause wooden furniture to expand and crack. On the other hand, extreme cold can put your belongings at risk of freezing. If your items are likely to retain moisture, there is a possibility that they will also expand and crack.

Items like wood, electronics, media, wine, fabric, metal and paper are common temperature-sensitive items that often need special arrangements.  

You should consider weather controlled storage in Colorado if you don’t know how long your belongings will be in storage. It’s always best to play it safe and use weather controlled storage facilities in Erie, CO. If you’re storing your things year-round and if your belongings have high sentimental value, consider this option.  

Some Frequently Ask Questions

Are all different sizes of storage units weather controlled?

The larger the storage unit, the less likely it is that weather control will be offered. The smaller units are always more likely to offer weather control.

Do weather controlled storage units cost more?

Yes, weather controlled storage in Colorado will cost a little bit more than regular storage units of the same size.

Can you control the temperature of your controlled storage unit?

The answer, in almost all cases, is no. You usually cannot control the temperature yourself, and the temperature is usually kept around 55 to 85 degrees.