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Should You Move Before or After the Baby Comes?

Pregnancy is a beautiful time when a mother can begin bonding with her child. But buying a new home is exciting time as well! But what if both are happening at the same time? The question comes down to whether or not moving while pregnant and subjecting your mind and body to the hardships involved is worth it. The professional movers of All My Sons Moving & Storage know there are several benefits to moving while pregnant and moving postpartum alike. The ultimate decision is what works best for you and your family. As a helpful guide, the local Boulder movers have compared the benefits of both options.

Benefits to Moving While Pregnant:

You have more time to spend searching for homes.
With no baby at home, it is much easier to go from home to home and visit open houses. You have more energy to look for homes online, and you are not clouded by a chronic lack of sleep as most new born baby parents are.

Nesting is natural.
As those pregnancy hormones rage through your body, your natural instinct is to begin nesting for your soon to arrive little one. Might as well take advantage of this natural desire to organize and get your new home settled.

Reduce clutter before adding more.
When a small human comes into the world, a lot more stuff comes with them. Strollers, crib, baby pen, jumper, toys, diapers, and so much clothing! Family friends may give you hand-me-downs or unwanted gifts. Moving before the baby arrives gives you the opportunity to clear out those items you aren’t interested in keeping. So, when you are at your new home you only have the items you need.

Benefits to Moving After the Baby Comes:

Moving with a baby bump may not be a good idea.
If you are to choose moving when pregnant, you will have had to hire a few Boulder movers to get you into a new home. However, if you choose to move after the baby, you can probably get away with moving your home on your own; slowly but steadily. You do not want to overexert yourself right after having a baby.

After adding a new addition to your family, you may notice flaws in your current home.
Perhaps you need more room or an open concept home versus a more traditional home. Spending a few months in your current house can give you a better idea of what to look for in a new home.

Much easier to organize your home.
Waiting to move for a few months can provide you with plenty of time to bond with your baby. You will also be more capable of organizing and cleaning your new and old home. Moving when pregnant can be difficult to get into hard to reach areas, and especially getting up from those areas.

Realistically, the Boulder movers of All My Sons know that whatever decision you make will need to be based off your gut. No decision is ever clear cut, but all you can do is make the best decision for you and your family.