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Reward Friends Who Help You Move

If hiring professional Boulder movers is out of your price range, how can you move? More often than not, we turn to our friends to help us move to our new homes. So, how do you repay your friends for giving up their Saturday to do intensive labor? One thing is for sure, some beers at the end of the day are not going to cut it. The local Boulder movers of All My Sons, have put together a few guidelines to follow when thanking your friends for helping you out. After all, you probably want to keep your friends and if you ever need to move again…you might want them around.

The best thing you can do when moving is to make the entire process as smooth and efficient as possible. Professional Boulder movers know the importance of having a well thought out plan when conducting residential moves. The same should apply to your move. Create a detailed plan of your moving day. Make sure you have reserved any moving trucks you may need and have all the necessary items to gain access to your new home. Having everything planned will make the moving process much easier and faster. Which means your friends can be done lifting heavy things sooner!

As helpful tips to make moving day run smoothly, you need to start early. In addition to confirming everything you need, pack your items with your friends in mind. Do Not over pack boxes! Just because it fits does not mean you should load boxes up with a 100 pounds’ worth of stuff. Use smaller boxes to limit yourself. This will keep boxes at more manageable weights and will be easier to carry. When packing also try to properly and clearly label all boxes. Your friends don’t need to guess where boxes are going. Take it easy on them!

Professional Boulder movers know how taxing a move can be. Especially during summer months, it can be very hot while running back and forth carrying heavy items. As a pro tip keep some snacks easily accessible to keep your movers’ energy up. Also, keep plenty of water and hydrating drinks on hand to replenish all the liquid lost during a move.

At the end of your move, celebrate the completion with some nice cold beers, wine, juices, whatever they prefer. They’ve certainly earned some drinks. If your friends used their personal vehicles to travel back and forth in the move, offer to fill up their tanks or give them some gas gift cards. This will really show your appreciation and consideration. As a final thank you to your friends, take them out to a real dinner. No need to take them to a five-star restaurant, but taking them out to a casual dining establishment will help you all bond and fill the appetites created from all the strenuous activities of the day!