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Pros and Cons of Moving during Different Seasons

By the time you are established in life with the career of your dream, a family you love, or perhaps both, there is little to no time for self-moving. Why take time out of your work and family schedule to spend hours on end packing, moving, and killing your back? At this point in life, you have more than earned to hire the help of professional movers to take care of your household move.

However, before you schedule your free in-home estimate with All My Sons Moving & Storage of Boulder Colorado, plan out the perfect time to move. Once you have a demanding career or family to take into account, you can no longer pick up and move on a whim.

In Boulder, Colorado you will encounter all four seasonal differences. Below, your professional local movers have broken down the pros and cons of moving to Boulder during each different season.


Pros of Moving to Boulder in the Summer:

Summertime in Boulder is beautiful! Moving in the summer provides the best weather. In Boulder, CO it is usually dry, sunny, and warm, so there is no need for your Boulder movers to work around the weather. This way, you are assured that all of your belongings will not get wet!

Works great with you career! For most, getting time off in the summer is easier.

If you have little ones, teens, or college students, moving during summer is perfect and won’t interrupt their school schedules! Moving your children during the off-season will make for a smoother transition.

Cons of Moving to Boulder in the Summer:

The downside of summer moves is that it is the peak season for movers. If you are looking to move to Boulder, CO during summertime, be sure to call All My Sons’ movers ahead of time!

Spring & Fall

Pros of Moving to Boulder in the Spring or Fall:

Hiring a professional mover in the spring or fall is much easier than in the summer because demand is not as high. Spring and fall moves make it easier to book the right moving company.

These seasons do not have extreme weather patterns. The weather in spring and fall is fairly predictable in Boulder.

Cons of Moving to Boulder in the Spring or Fall:

Unfortunately, your kids are in school. Moving your kids while in school can be tough on them and require more paperwork since they will be middle-of-the-semester transfers. They most likely will have to catch up on a ton of schoolwork at their new school.


Pros of moving to Boulder in the winter:

Since no one enjoys moving during Boulder’s winter weather, there is less competition when hiring movers – making them more affordable.

Purchasing a home in the winter is easy as well, and you can often get it at a much lower price than that of peak house hunting season.

Cons of moving to Boulder in the winter:

Boulder’s winter weather is not entirely suitable for household moves. You and your All My Sons movers have to keep a close eye on weather conditions in order to ensure a safe move for everyone.

The busy holiday season can add to the moving stress. With three months of holidays: Halloween, Thanksgiving, and December; planning a winter move can be the last straw. Many prefer to be with family and settled into their homes rather than moving.

For those moving with children, winter moves may interrupt the school year if you are moving to another school district or state.