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Moving on a Budget

It might seem impossible to move on a budget, but our Boulder moving company is going to help you save the money by sharing our best tips for moving on a budget.

Planning Ahead

Planning should always be the first step, but especially when you are trying to move on a budget. You can start by making a checklist and creating a budget to keep track of your expenses. There are plenty of apps you can download on your phone that can help you keep your eye on what you’re purchasing and how much you’re spending. When you plan, you know ahead of time everything you need to purchase for your move, thus minimizing extraneous costs.

Trying to Plan Your Move in the Off Season

Summer is usually the busiest time to move since kids have a break from school, making it a convenient time to relocate. If you trying to move on a budget, though, this may not be the best idea because, due to higher demands, the cost of moving services will likely increase. Instead, try moving in the off-season. The cost of moving services most likely lower and there won’t be as much traffic on the roads during the winter and fall season. Our Boulder moving company will discuss your moving needs and the services we offer to come up with a moving plan within your budget, customized just for your move.

Packing Material

Boxes, bubble wrap and padded quilts are small things that quickly add up when you’re scrambling to pack up your entire house and you realize how much you have accumulated over the years. In order to save on packing supplies, consider decluttering, letting go of clothing, items, and furniture you no longer need or use. With fewer items to pack, you’ll cut costs on packing materials. Another way to mitigate costs is by using things you already have, like luggage or a clothes hamper, to pack your belongings.  Our Boulder packing service helps you pack and unpack so you don’t have to. We also make sure to provide the packing materials you need with from our Boulder packing supplies. Both of these services are included in our full-service package.

Hiring a Full-Service Moving Company

It might not make sense to hire a moving company when you are trying to plan a move on a budget. A full-service moving company like our Boulder moving company will actually save you money in the long-run. Our Boulder movers do all the work for you and supply the proper materials. Hiring a full-service mover saves you gas money and money you would be spending on all the extras you think you need when moving.


Contact us to learn more about our other moving service and how we can help move you on a budget.


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