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Moving to Boulder in 7 Days or Less

Although moving in a short amount of time is not common, in a business mecca like Boulder, it can happen. Someone who may find themselves moving to Boulder, Colorado in 7 days or less would most likely be a college graduate, someone with a start-up company, someone who has been hired in Boulder, or someone who is married to or dating someone who has to move to Boulder for work. Boulder is a top destination in the entire United States for startup companies because they tend to flourish in the area. Why is it that they flourish here? Because Boulder is filled with intellectuals and millennials with fresh minds.

In the event that you do find yourself moving to Boulder last-minute, Boulder moving company All My Sons Moving & Storage wants you to take a deep breath and prepare yourself to properly complete your move in such a short amount of time.

In order to make your move go as smoothly as possible, Boulder movers have created this list for moving to Boulder in 7 days or less.

Find the right moving company. Moving is difficult, and finding the right mover in your area can be tricky. Nowadays, you can’t just trust any moving company that has a website and gives you a reasonable quote on the phone. The best moving companies in Boulder will send someone to your home in order to give you the most accurate quote possible. One Boulder moving company that offers this service is All My Sons Moving & Storage. Once you receive at least three quotes, choose the best option for you and keep in mind that cheaper is not better.

Pack important belongings in your car. No matter how highly recommended Boulder movers come, you should always keep your most important belongings in your possession. Expensive pieces of jewelry and important documents should go in a special box, unmarked, in your vehicle. Although this should be one of the first boxes you pack, you may want to wait to pack it in your car last.

Call utility companies and all companies that need notification of your move. Make sure that before you move, you have your utilities turned off at your current place, pay all balances, and have utilities turned on at your new place. If you are moving to Boulder from long distance, you may have to research the local utility companies in order to choose which services you need for your new home.

Purchase or gather up all packing supplies. Visit your local grocery stores or liquor stores for their recycled boxes. You can purchase permanent markers, labels, and packing tape at a dollar store in order to save money. If you want to skip this errand, full service Boulder movers can bring all supplies to your home and pack your belongings.

Pack one room, per day.  One of the best ways to complete the packing process so that you do not get overwhelmed with having to move in such a short amount of time is by packing one room per day.

After the above steps are finished, your Boulder movers will be able to handle the rest!