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Mistakes Movers Make

When it comes time for you to move to Boulder, you may have reservations about hiring a moving company – and reasonably so. Rogue moving companies across the nation have been popping up left and right, and it has left relocating homeowners wondering which companies they can trust. However, regardless of the actions of rogue movers, professional Boulder movers like All My Sons Moving & Storage are making sure that their licensed and insured practices are completely trustworthy for homeowners.

In order to ensure your move goes smoothly, All My Sons of Boulder has the top 5 mistakes that movers make and the ways that you can try to solve or combat the issue.

  1. The number one worst thing that a rogue Boulder mover can do is hold your belongings hostage. As much as this may sound inconceivable, it is happening more and more, which is why All My Sons wants to make sure you know everything that you can do in the event that this occurs. Hostage load is when a mover holds your truck hostage until you pay them an additional fee - sometimes double your quoted estimate. This is the absolute worst case scenario when it comes to moving because the police cannot do anything to help. If hostage load happens to you, your best bet is to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, write a ton of bad reviews on the company, write a letter or call their headquarters, and contact as many local media outlets that you can.
  2. The next most common mistake that movers make is damaging items during the handling or transportation of them. Regardless of whether you pack all of your dinner plates with bubble wrap and newspaper in order to prevent them bumping around, if your mover carelessly throw your moving boxes onto the truck or into the storage space, your belongings will be damaged. In this case, insurance will only cover so much. As a result, All My Sons Moving & Storage recommends that you purchase additional insurance coverage.
  3. The third most common mistake that movers make is not showing up on time or not showing up at all. The only real way to avoid your mover not showing up is to hire a reputable moving company from the start. If you have not paid the movers anything yet, then call another moving company. Afterwards, call the unprofessional company to let them know that you will no longer need their services.
  4. Another common moving company gimmick is baiting you in with a good base quote and then tacking on numerous additional fees. Some Boulder movers will charge you if there are additional items or awkward items that need special packing or handling last minute. Other moving companies, typically long-distance movers, will include furniture disassembly and reassembly in their fee. When it comes to hidden fees, your best bet is to just ask when you receive an at-home moving quote from them.
  5. Of course, a lot of homeowners complain that they end up being charged more than initially quoted – a mistake that the majority of moving companies make. A highly skilled and trained moving crew will not do this to you; if anything, they will quote you a maximum price and the final cost will come to a much smaller amount. Most homeowners end up paying the additional price simply because they are on a tight moving schedule. If you are not, hire another Boulder mover. But if you are on a tight schedule, you can avoid this problem altogether by doing your research on the moving companies in your area.