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How to Pack Like a Boulder Mover

When it comes to packing, and moving like the professional packers of All My Sons Moving & Storage, following these guidelines will enable you to move efficiently and effectively. Our Boulder movers are the best in the industry, and we dedicate ourselves to providing the best in customer satisfaction and ensuring the safe transportation of your belongings. Here are ways to pack like our professional packers and make your next move your best move.


Everything begins with planning your move. Create an inventory of your items and ask yourself important questions pertaining to your move such as:

What day do we have to leave the house? What can we live without and get rid of before we move? Where should we buy boxes and moving supplies? What services need to be cancelled or set-up? (Utilities, internet, address change for all accounts, doctors, etc.)

If you come across items you own such as clothing that is too loose or too tight, consider donating it. The same goes for any furniture that has accumulated some wear and tear. Consider hosting a garage sale to free up space and/or donate it all to either friends, family, or a Boulder donation center. 

Creating a comprehensive checklist for yourself will go a long way in the end. It’s a daunting task initially, however creating an inventory is something that professional packers in Boulder do, and highly recommend for DIY packers.


Anyone who has ever moved understands the importance of keeping quality supplies on hand. More than that, purchasing moving supplies in Boulder can be expensive if you don’t go to the right place. Sturdy moving supplies are a staple of service for Boulder movers, because using cheap/incorrect moving boxes or other materials can result in damaged or broken goods. Some of the moving and packing supplies needed are cardboard boxes, scissors, box cutters, sharpies, shipping tape, box labels and moving blankets. These moving supplies in Boulder are affordable if you purchase them from our Boulder movers. Using the same packing supplies that professional packers use is a fine way to ensure a safer move.

Packing Procedures

Not only do you want to use the supplies that professional packers use, it’s also important to follow their packing procedures as well. Incorrect packing practices can result in items being severely damaged or destroyed during the transportation process. Here are some of the recommend ways to pack like Boulder movers do:

Pack heavier items in smaller boxes for easier lifting.

Pack boxes with contents that belong to a single room (bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, etc.)

Label boxes with the contents inside, to make it easier to find them after moving into the new home.

Color code boxes for better organization after moving into the home.

Use packing peanuts or foam to fill empty space inside of boxes to prevent damage to items during transport.

Disassemble larger items such as bookshelves and wall units for easy transport, and to prevent damage during transport.