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Hiring a Professional Mover or Moving on Your Own: Pros & Cons

Is a moving company worth it? Or should you just move your household items by yourself? The Boulder movers break down the difference between hiring a professional mover such as All My Sons Moving & Storage or attempting a move on your own.


Moving on Your Own

Pro: Perhaps one of the best pros to moving on your own compared to hiring a professional mover is the fact you are in total control of your move. You decide how you want to execute the move and when. If you wanted to get up early for a head start, that would be your choice and a totally acceptable option. If, for example, it was supposed to snow or rain, you have the flexibility to cancel or delay your move and decide what to do about your belongings. There is no shortage of the things you can do when you are moving on your own. You don’t have to worry about a stranger going through your items if you don’t want them to.


Cons: While the luxury and freedom of moving on your own is something some people may enjoy, there are still several cons to moving on your own as well. Planning the logistics of a move can be complicated with so many elements to consider, especially if you are moving long-distance, and that’s not to mention the actual labor-intensive work that goes into a move. Both of these factors are major drawbacks to handling a move on your own. Trying to budget and move by yourself can actually be more expensive compared to hiring a professional mover if you consider all the necessary materials and equipment you’d have to purchase or rent on your end in order to have a successful move. Finally, if anything should happen to your belongings, you don’t have any kind of liability coverage because you are the one liable for everything in the move.


Hiring a Professional Moving Company

Pro: For one thing, hiring a full-service professional mover is a lot easier than trying to coordinate everything for the move on your own. Professional movers more often than not provide a free, no-obligation moving quote. After a discussion with one of our local movers in Boulder regarding the services you need as well as your budget, we create a strategy that fits within your budget and accommodates all your relocation requirements. Another advantage of hiring a professional mover is the very fact that they are specifically trained to manage a complete relocation, from packing all the way to furniture reassembly, efficiently; they know what they’re doing. You don’t have to break your back with any [improper] heavy lifting. Professionals movers know the right way to lift and carry heavy boxes and furniture without getting injured, so you can save yourself the trouble. With one swift move, our professional movers in Boulder do the work for you.


Con: The only real con of hiring a professional mover is the lack of flexibility when it comes to scheduling your move. If you are a person who prefers to have complete control of any situation or enjoys hands-on experiences, then perhaps a professional mover is not right for you.



Overall, the choice between hiring a professional mover or moving on your own is a decision you should really think about. But, if you are looking for a moving company to take you where you need to go, call the Boulder movers of All My Sons Moving & Storage at 720-575-1148 to find out more.