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Golden At A Glance

Beautiful Golden Colorado At A Glance

Golden Colorado is aptly named. During the Colorado Gold Rush of the 1850s gold was discovered in Clear Creek. Prospectors followed the streams until they found the source of the gold. The year was 1859.

The town quickly became a commercial and agricultural center serving the needs of hardy prospectors about to venture into the mountains in search of treasure. In 1870 the Colorado School of Mines was established, training the geologists and mining engineers of the Colorado mining industry. Other industries grew up in the area including mills, coal mines and smelters.

In 1873 Adolph Coors arrived in Golden, his iconic brewery is still a major employer. By way of Coors Golden has become a popular tourism destination, hosting 250,000 visitors every year. Being the last major city before the Rockies Golden draws many outdoor enthusiasts stocking up for a trek into the mountains reminiscent of the prospectors of the gold rush generations past. 

Outdoor activities remain a mainstay of the local culture, providing entertainment and fun for residents and visitors alike. Of course hiking and climbing have always popular in the area, but the founding of the American Mountaineering Center has made Golden one of the most importance centers for climbing in the world. The presence of Clear Creek makes Golden a go to destination for kayaking canoeing, hunting and fishing.

In the 21st century Golden has become a center for research on renewable energy and sustainability. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) was established here during the 1970s. Always at the forefront of technology, The Colorado School of Mines has also become a leader in the field.

Nestled in the shadow of the Rockies, downtown Golden is beautiful. An aggressive urban renewal project was initiated in the 1980s and it shows!! Historic buildings were restored and abundant greenery enhances the natural beauty of the mountain setting.

Education remains an important part of the Golden culture. Educational offerings range from excellent K-12 schools, to charters, to vocational schools. There are great learning opportunities for all.

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