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Five Easy Tips for First Time Skiers

It’s time to hit the slopes out here in Boulder, Colorado! If it’s your first time skiing, it’s completely normal to be nervous. After all, skiing is basically the act of sliding down a cold slope with rectangles on your feet. And if you don’t know what you’re doing, that “sliding” turns into “falling” rather quickly.

The All My Sons Boulder movers have put together a list of five easy tips for first time skiers in hopes that we can get you hitting the slopes in our beautiful town. You won’t be ready for the X Games just yet or winning medals like Brandon Adam, but you will be having a ton of fun skiing for the first time.

1. Beginner Ski GearIf you haven’t already purchased your ski gear, then fear not! Before you purchase anything, make sure you know what you are looking for. Ideally you want to go for the mid-range priced stuff; if you can afford the expensive stuff, more power to you. The problem is that you are going to be inadvertently trashing this equipment by banging it into walls, bending it on stairs, and really messing up the clips when taking it on and off. That being said, don’t go for the cheapest gear you can find either. Because you need stability and reliability too, we recommend getting yourself skis in the $110 - $150 price range. If it’s an option, renting is even better if you’re skiing for the first time!

2. What to Wear Skiing – Avoid jeans and cotton at all costs. Snow is essentially just water that got lazy and decided to hang around. But keep in mind, it is still water. Chances are that you have run through rain in jeans or while wearing a cotton shirt, right? It takes ages to dry and it is the most uncomfortable experience. Now imagine that, but also add the feeling of cold air rushing by you as you ski down the hill. Just thinking about it makes us cringe. Instead, keep it simple by wearing nylon on the outsides and layers underneath.

3. First Timers Take Friends – This is a common mistake for anxious first timers who just used their Boulder movers and are skiing for the first time. The truth is that until you get control of what you’re doing, you could easily ski off course and get stuck somewhere. Having a buddy is a big help. If you’re new to Boulder or don’t have any friends in the area that want to ski, take lessons. It’ll help you perfect the basics of skiing while making new friends who you have a common interest with.  

4. Hills for First Time Skiers – Ideally you want to look for hills with heavy snowfall, or “powder”; powder refers to the snow when it’s soft and fluffy. This is perfect to learn to ski on because it’s not icy yet, which means you won’t lose control or feel like you landed on concrete when you fall.

5. Never Give up, Never Surrender! – Whatever you do, don’t give up. Learning a new skill is tough; you might even feel like a kid skiing for the first time. However, the most important tip to remember when skiing for the first time is to never give up. We all start somewhere after all! As the phrase goes, “Being good at something means starting out by being pretty bad at it.” You’ll be bad way before you’re a good skier – so, keep at it!