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Erie At A Glance

Explore Erie Colorado

Erie literally helped power the growth of Colorado. Coal is abundant in the area around Erie, so much so that there are surface coal beds. Early settlers were able to make extra money collecting coal off of the ground to sell. Erie had consisted mainly of isolated settlements and small gold and silver mining camps. In the 1860s the mining boom needed energy to power the mills and smelters and the coal in what was then known as Coal Park fit the bill perfectly.

In the 1860s a large coal vein was found near Coal Park. At this same time a minister from Erie, PA named Rev. Richard Van Valkenburg moved to the area. He was a driving force in the establishment of the town of Erie, which occurred in 1871. Legend has it that the town was named for his former home. In the same year the first commercial mine was constructed. Around the same time railroads arrive and the stage was set for rapid growth.

Like most mining towns, in its beginnings most of Erie’s residents were men, and many of the local businesses catered to their less virtuous side. Most towns had more saloons and gambling parlors than churches. Erie was no exception. But by the 1880s things were changing and families were moving in. The first school was built in 1881 and soon many more diverse businesses were springing up.

Erie continued to grow based on its mineral wealth into the 20th century. In 1928 the town’s population crested 1000. Following the Second World War demand for coal declined and eventually by the 1960s most of the mines had closed.

In the last few decades Erie has benefited from the explosive growth of Boulder and Denver. Erie offers the best of both worlds. It has a small town feel, but easy access to its nearby larger cousins, and by virtue of the Denver International Airport, the world. Ask locals why they love it here and you’ll get the same answer over and over, “Quality Of Life”.

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