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What Baton Rouge Is Known For

Baton Rouge, the Louisiana state capitol, is filled with many different eateries, bars, free events, and mostly important, a rich history that makes millions of people want to visit our city all year. One visit and you too will be hooked on the true southern hospitality that Baton Rouge has to offer. That is why our Baton Rouge movers are ready with affordable moving services for you and your family. Curious to know what Baton Rouge is known for and things you can do around town? Continue reading as our local Baton Rouge movers share some of the highlights.


Louisiana Old State Capitol

Looking over the Mississippi state river, the Louisiana state capitol is the perfect place to learn about Baton Rouge and to bring friends and family to see the beautiful architecture that stands there today. “The 165-year-old statehouse has withstood war, fire, scandal, bitter debate, abandonment, and an occasional fistfight.”1 Featuring art, preservation, and a lot of history about what Baton Rouge once was, the Old State Capitol is the perfect place to visit if you have just moved here and are interested in learning a bit about the history of the area.


Baton Rouge Zoo

Have children or just love learning about different animals? If so, the Baton Rouge zoo if the perfect place for you! For over 40 years, the Baton Rouge zoo has been the place to bring children and visitors alike to see the exotic and domestic animals here. The Baton Rouge Zoo takes pride in conservation efforts, entertainment and culture for people of all ages, an education and research center that conducts outreach and in-house educational programs as well as a community support organization. The Baton Rouge Zoo is affordable for all; pricing starts at $ 8.75 for teens and adults, seniors at $ 7.75, children 2-12 are $ 5.75 and ages 1 and under get into the park for free!


Downton Baton Rouge

Take a stroll downtown and experience the music, enjoy the delicious smells of the foods from the bakeries and restaurants, or listen to the lively music that can be heard from the street. Downtown is the perfect place to visit if you are looking for something to do in Baton Rouge on a budget. Bring friends and family and go explore the city as it is, where the smiling faces of the residents greet you and you can appreciate all that Louisiana is as a state.


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