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Top Tourist Attractions in Louisiana

When it comes time to move to a different state, you can either let it make you or break you. Baton Rouge moving companies like All My Sons Moving & Storage, prefer that your move makes you. If you are not hiring a full service moving company to completely take care of the stress of your move, at least take a break from unpacking your moving boxes in order to start enjoying everything that the great state of Louisiana has to offer.

Also known as the Sportsman’s Paradise, the Child of the Mississippi, the Sugar State, the Creole State, and the Bayou State, Louisiana has more than just sports and Creole food to offer locals. The state of Louisiana is rich in culture and history that comprise some of the state’s top tourist attractions.

The Old State Capitol is the number one tourist attraction in Louisiana and is located the heart of Baton Rouge, atop a bluff peering over the Mississippi River.  Built in 1847 as a Gothic castle, it was burned by the Union Army and then repaired in 1882. Old State Capitol is a top attraction for its architectural beauty, art gallery and museum.

Built in the later 1700s to reflect settlers of France and the West Indies, Magnolia Mound is one of the oldest buildings in the entire state of Louisiana and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

If you are moving to Baton Rouge and have younger children, Baton Rouge movers know that they will love the Baton Rouge Zoo. Home to exotic and domestic animals, your kids will be able to enjoy and learn about wildcats, rhinos, otters, and numerous fish and reptiles. See the most beautiful, colorful birds at the Parrot Paradise exhibit, or check out Asian tigers and animals at The Realm of the Tiger.

Moving can make you hot regardless of the temperature outside. However, if you are moving to Baton Rouge during summer, Blue Bayou/Dixie Landin’ Amusement Park is the ultimate outdoor waterpark in Louisiana. But be careful - your children will never want to leave!

For breathtaking views, nature trails, and the perfect outdoor wedding venue, be sure to visit the Louisiana State University Hilltop Arboretum. This facility is home to a showcase of Louisiana’s native trees, shrubbery, and other plants. The trails and low bridges wind along beautiful landscapes that preserve the state’s natural foliage. 

Have you always wanted to take a trip to the Pentagon? Although Louisiana surely isn’t the same as Washington D.C., the two do share a similar building. After moving to Baton Rouge, be sure to check out the second Pentagon in the United States – the Pentagon Barracks.

Of course, you cannot move to the home of the famous Bayou without touring it! Visit the Atchafalaya Basin Bridge to get a glimpse of the largest wetland and swamp in the entire United States. Want to really dive into the Bayou? Catch an airboat ride for an intimate tour of the Bayou and stop at Palmetto’s On The Bayou, The Bayou Shack, or Joes On The Bayou for some authentic Louisiana Creole.