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Summer Decorating Tips from Top Interior Designers

With Spring cleaning in our wake, now it’s time to transition our homes into summer! Your wardrobe changes seasonally, and so should your home. Here at the Baton Rouge local movers, we have collected expert decorating tips that will be easy on your wallet but high on aesthetic impact.

Update your living room. Whether you have a couch, loveseat, sectional, armchairs—you can easily update their look by swapping out the throw pillows and accents for bright, summery designs. Summer is about bold prints and fun colors, like turquoise, lime, and various shades of blue, orange, green, yellow, and pink.

The color swap doesn’t stop there though! Most living rooms could also benefit from a new area rug with coordinating colors. While grays and other drab colors are perfectly appropriate for the winter months, summer will involve sunlight and you need a rug that utilizes natural light. You’ll be amazed how a simple rug can update the look of an entire room!

Next up, the bedrooms. Swapping out the linens in your bedrooms will freshen the rooms, literally and figuratively. Get a lighter comforter for the warmer months and store your heavier linens until the cooler months roll back around. If you want something more dramatic than simply swapping out the bedding, you can event paint a wall a punchy color. Paint is an easy decorative accent to change. But if that seems to be too much work, you can hang a bright painting.

Summer décor is usually centered around the beach, so why not swap out stuffy items for things that are lighter and reminiscent of the beach, such as a wicker rug and straw placements. As for curtains, there is no need for the traditional heavy window treatments—summer means you can hang sheer curtains that let plenty of sunlight come into your home and lighten up the mood. Just remember that sheer curtains should be in neutral colors! Don’t get colored sheer.

Slipcovers are an easy way to update furniture for summer, so it’s worth looking into for chairs and your sofa to easily change out the look of furniture without the expense of new pieces.

Keep fresh flowers in your home to play off the colors of nature inside your home. Fresh herbs also emit a refreshing smell, such as cilantro or mint, not to mention they are practical to cook with too!

Enjoy the warm summer months and curl up on your summer inspired sofa and catch up on reading books, relaxing, and spending time with your loved ones.