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Selling Your Home in the Off-Season

For many home buyers, the ideal time to buy a home is in the summer months. This is also the peak season for the real estate industry and when many people close and subsequently move into new homes. Here at the Baton Rouge local movers, we have a few tips to help you stand out among other listings and ultimately sell your home, even in the off months. Read on learn how you can make your home more enticing to prospective buyers.

Make a video. Many people are visual these days, so the more multimedia you can put together will only help you. Make a detailed video that showcases the interior and exterior of your home, including closets, basement/attic spaces, the yard, and more. Watch the video from the prospective of a buyer—how does it make you feel? Does it show the home thoroughly? Is something missing? Consider adding instrumental music to add to the feel of the movie rather than awkward silence.

Renovate a little. If your home keeps getting passed up in favor of other available properties, it might need some work to be seen as a wise purchase by prospective buyers. While a large scale project like a new kitchen might seem a bit much for the average seller’s budget, there are alternative updates that you can do to help the home sell, such as replacing damaged baseboards and wood, swapping out old carpet, and removing dead plants and shrubbery. Filming the video will likely give you perspective into what needs to be changed.

Host an open house midweek. Most houses have their open house events on the weekend, making it tough for prospective buyers who might want to check yours out as well as another property. A weekday open house reduces competition. Keep in mind that many people work M-F, so hosting it in the evening will be more conducive to bringing in prospective buyers.

Shop around for the right agent. If your agent is new, they may lack the competitive edge you need as a seller. Ensure the realtor is giving your home priority over other properties too, even if it means you need to add a higher commission or even a selling bonus.

Be proactive in the process. Hiring a realtor to push your property does not mean you can just take a backseat to the planning process. It is quite clear that two people marketing a home can spread the word faster than one person. Take an active role in the marketing process and you can boost your likelihood to sell faster.

Consider lowering the price. If your home isn’t generating much interest or bringing about any offers, you might need to tweak the price. Always keep the price higher than the lowest price you are willing to accept, so that you have room to haggle and negotiate with the buyer.