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3 Secrets to Always Having a Clean Home

Have you ever been to someone’s home and it seems like no matter what time you stop by, no matter what day, and no matter if you give notice or not – their home is always spotless? Meanwhile, your home is constantly filthy when you turn around to clean it, while theirs seems to be immaculate without much effort.  You wonder – what is their secret? Baton Rouge movers want you to know that your home can be effortlessly clean too, and we have the cradle of secrets that your clean friends are not telling you.

The number one rule to having a clean home that does not take hours of cleaning on the weekends – is to clean continuously throughout the week. If you cook and there is a spill or crumbs – wipe it up. If there is dirt on the floors – sweep it up. The only cleaning that you should be doing on the weekends is the cleaning that does not have to be done every day; like: dusting, mopping, and vacuuming. The easiest way to achieve a clean home that is ready for unexpected guests – dedicate just 10 minutes a day to cleaning the areas that need it the most. Although you may not want to have to continuously clean up after yourself, doing so makes your home more presentable and frees up your weekend for fun with family and friends, even entertaining in your clean home.

The number two rule to having a clean home is having less stuff. Simply put – more belongings equals more to clean. Try to get rid of everything that you do not need and do not love. When decorating your home, splurge on a few decorative items and furniture pieces that you absolutely love, rather than buying a ton of things that you just like.

The third secret to having a consistently clean home is knowing how and where to fake cleanliness. Homeowners know their home, so they know which rooms tend to get dirtier throughout the week, compared to others. By keeping the ‘dirtier’ rooms in their home clean throughout the week, it appears as if their house is always clean, even though they may only be cleaning one room. You can also determine which rooms to continuously keep clean, by thinking about the amount of traffic and use that room sees every day. You can pretty much guess that your bedroom, bathroom, living room, and kitchen are the rooms that you should keep tidy as much as possible.  Although this sounds like your entire house, something as simple as wiping down the countertops in your kitchen or fixing the pillows on your couch can make the room look neat and clean.