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Peak Moving Seasons in Baton Rouge

Moving is stressful. It takes planning, organization, and a whole team to help you in the process. If you are planning an upcoming move to Baton Rouge, you may be wondering if there is a particular season that is best for moving. Our movers in Baton Rouge give insight into some things to consider when you are deciding what season is best for your move.


Peak Seasons For a Move: Summer & Winter

Not only is Baton Rouge is known for having extreme summers that are hot and humid, but it also happens to be peak season for moving. Prices tend to increase during these months due to the demand for movers. It is easier to plan a move with children when they are out of school, especially if they will be attending a new school. As a result, many parents decide this is prime moving time, making summer a peak moving season.


Baton Rouge is a little more tolerable during the winter weather but the holidays and celebrations draw in more crowds compared to summer. Mardi Gras attracts hundreds of tourists to Baton Rouge towards the end of the winter season to witness and participate in the festival. The winter peak moving season in Baton Rouge is December through March. The demand for local Baton Rouge movers is higher, thus there is also a surge in prices.


Consider moving in the off-seasons, spring and autumn. Because children are in school and families are less likely to take time off, there’s less demand for movers in the spring and autumn so they will more likely give you a better deal. The weather in the spring and autumn is also optimal for moving, neither too hot nor too cold.


Think About Your Items

When you are thinking of a move to Baton Rouge during peak moving season, there is another variable you should consider; your items. Extreme temperatures such as the ones we have in Baton Rouge in the summer and winter months can affect your items if they are antiques or temperature-sensitive materials. “Items like antiques, glass, and musical instruments typically do better in warmer weather while items such as an abundance of candles would be better suited for a winter move.”1


The more time you spend on the road moving, the greater the risk of damage to your items. If you are planning a long-distance move, summer may not be the best time to move because of the hot weather. Roads also tend to be more congested during peak moving seasons in Baton Rouge because people take the opportunity to road trip on their vacations, making it harder to get to your destination on time.


Talk to a Moving Company

According to the American Moving & Storage Association, another tip to increase your booking flexibility is to choose the middle of the month, as many people choose to move at the beginning or end. Here at All My Sons Moving & Storage Baton Rouge, we will work with you to find a season that works for you in terms of pricing and availability. To learn more about our prices or moving services we offer, call our moving consultants today and receive a free, no-obligation moving quote.  



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