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Pack These Items with Special Consideration

Pack These Items with Special Consideration

Packing items with special consideration is essential in preventing moving tragedies. These types of tragedies are totally avoidable with adequate preparation and having the right tools.

You should prepare in advance. Packing up breakables requires time, and this is not the area that you want to rush through. Even when you use packing services in Baton Rouge, you want to start well in advance of moving day. It will take time to properly pack all your valuable breakables, so don’t wait until the last minute!

Aside from preparing in advance, you need to have the right tools. Items to keep on hand: quality boxes in a variety of sizes, packing paper, bubble wrap, packing tape and scissors.

Now that you know what you must do to prepare for packing these items, All My Sons Moving & Storage shares exactly how to properly pack the items that need special consideration.


Proper packing services in Baton Rouge will ensure that plates are never packed flat in a box, since they are more likely to break this way. The only way you should be packing plates is vertically. Each plate should be individually wrapped before being put into the box. You can wrap each plate in packing paper or bubble wrap. If you choose to use packing paper, you might want to use a few sheets to ensure that the plates don’t break. You should also line the bottom and top of the boxes with crumpled-up packing paper to give the plates some cushion in the box.


Individually wrap glasses with a few sheets of packing paper, and put crumpled paper inside the glasses to fill any empty space. Line the boxes with ample packing paper and fill any spaces around the glasses with crumpled paper as well. The heaviest items should be on the bottom of the box, to keep the box balanced. This is exactly how your glasses will be packed if you were to invest in quality packing services in Baton Rouge.


Picture frames should be packed in small boxes, and wrapped in packing paper. Our professional packers suggest that you put a piece of crumpled paper in between each piece to keep the frames from breaking. If you have any pictures or artwork that are over 3 feet in size, should be secured with a moving blanket, paper or plastic wrapped and moved separately.

Specialty Items

If you have any oddly-shaped or fragile items, don’t go light on the bubble wrap. You want to wrap each piece completely in bubble wrap, securing it with tape. Then, you should put it in its own box, and fill any empty space with crumpled packing paper. You want the fragile item to be snug and secure in the box, so if you can, choose a box that’s roughly the same size as the object.