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Outdoor Aesthetics: Updating your home on the Outside

When it comes to decorating, it's not only what's on the inside that counts. Giving the exterior of your home a sprucing up will not only make it look better, it will be more relaxing to come home to at the end of the day. So let the Baton Rouge movers show you how to transform your home from the outside!

Improve the lighting outside your home. Street lights in the yard and bright lighting around the entrance of your home will accentuate your home even in the dark. Play with lighting options and see what creates the look and feel you want to evoke when people see your home.

Pay attention to detail. A fresh coat of paint on the mailbox, a welcoming wreath on the front door, a clean doormat, and stepping stones to get to your front door are all important. These aren't extras- these are the accents that compete your home's aesthetic to those who come to visit, whether it's the postal worker dropping off mail or neighbors dropping off their children for a play date.

Spruce up the landscape. Fresh flowers, healthy and tried shrubs and other greenery are the frame around your home. Adding big potted plants by the front door is a great way to amp up the curb appeal of your house, and budgeting about $100 for this is plenty. Spend a Saturday picking out blooms and greenery to accent your front door.

Fresh paint goes a long way. Apply a few coats to the front door and the window trim. Shutters will have to be removed to be painted, so you should allow yourself a full day to paint one coat in the morning and a second in the afternoon before remounting. The impact will be well worth the elbow grease.

Regularly check for cobwebs, sweep leaves and other natural debris away, and ensure light fixtures have working bulbs. A well maintained exterior is a clue as to what lies inside, and the same goes for homes under maintained.