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Louisiana Ranked in Top 10 Best Places to Run a Business

A recent survey ranks Louisiana at #9 for best states to open and maintain a business.

This month, Louisiana sprang from #25 to #9 in Site Selection magazine’s ranking of the best states to open an maintain a business. The study focused on the actual current business performance of the state, as well as the way the state is viewed by CEOs across the nation.

This significant rise in ranking is very valuable for the state, and certainly for Baton Rouge, the Louisiana capital. Businesses who have overlooked Louisiana in the past may now realize the value of opening a branch of an existing corporation or new business venture in the state.

Locals, such as Christine Rambo from the North Louisiana Economic Partnership, say the ranking is a direct reflection of how well the state has done in the past five years, and it validates everyone’s hard work.

Several factors on Louisiana’s end have put them in the vied Top 10 position, such as business tax cuts, governmental ethics reform, support of small business enhancement, and a strong focus on business retention and expansion. Additionally, the state has utilized a program called FastStart, which aids to pair community and technical college graduates with companies seeking a workforce. This not only is beneficial for the employer, but also for the graduates who are entering the work force at a less-than bountiful time for jobs.

Baton Rouge in particular is a city with endless possibilities—as a deep-water port city, there is not only a market for the import/export of forest and agricultural products, steel, and petroleum, among other products, but the area also has a natural resource basin that provides the local industries convenient access to natural resources.

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For more on the Baton Rouge economy, check out https://www.city-data.com/us-cities/The-South/Baton-Rouge-Economy.html