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Tips for Moving to Louisiana

Here in Baton Rouge, we love welcoming new faces to our community. If you are considering a move to Louisiana, we have a few tips to help you decide where to live and what to expect. The Covington local movers have a few insider insights on life in Louisiana, and we would love to share them with you!

Louisiana weather can be quite fickle, but above all else it is a Southern state so hot days and humidity are a common theme. In the summer, high humidity and frequent showers are likely. With this is mind, it is probably best for you to plan a move to Louisiana in the fall or the winter when the weather is a little more manageable.

The weather is also relevant when it comes to considering storage. If you plan to have a storage unit when you move here, make sure it is ventilated so that your goods inside of the unit are not ruined. This will also prevent rot damage and also will help keep insects and pests at bay. Louisiana is known for long, hot summers and mild, short winters, thanks to the humid subtropical climate. On average, the summer is about 90 degrees and winter afternoons are around 66 degrees.  Many homes here have front porches, because the frequent rainstorms are a sight to see from the sheltered roof of a front porch.

Some of the most popular places to move in Louisiana are the capital, Baton Rouge, and the party city, New Orleans. Smaller cities that also have employment opportunities and reasonable prices on property are in Shreveport, Lake Charles, Monroe, Alexandria, Metairie, and Kenner. These are convenient to big city amenities but offer a more suburban quality of life. Roads, ferries, bridges, and boats are all optional ways to get transported through Louisiana, and areas like Baton Rouge have amazing public transportation set up to help you avoid additional traffic, tolls, & parking expenses.

As far as the cost of living in Louisiana, it is quite reasonable compared to many other US states. In fact, the cost of living in the state is approximately 16.5 percent lower than the national average! The average household in the state has an income of just over $35,000, which might seem low in some major cities but it can make for an affordable city for others. Gas prices are particularly low thanks to the petroleum production in Louisiana and nearby Texas.  Tourism and chemicals are big industries here, and there are usually jobs available in these fields.  The unemployment rate in the state of Louisiana was at about 7 percent at the beginning of 2012, which was lower than the national average of 8.4 percent.

There you have it—some insider info on living in Louisiana. If you want to experience the great state of Louisiana for yourself, why not pay us a visit?