Rating 4.6

Moving to Baton Rouge for College

Moving away to college is an experience like no other. For most teens, it is the first time that mom and dad won’t be hovering over you all the time. Along with this, for most teens it is also a time to learn who you are as a person, without anybody trying to sway you either this way or that way. Going away to college is an integral part in a teen’s life. It’s a time when you can really dig deep to figure out who you are, and nobody is going to judge you, because they are doing the exact same thing. It is exhilarating to be in control of when you do this and where you go with whoever, along with being in control of your studies. It is a stepping stone into the real world; still a young adult, not quite completely on your own yet. No matter where in the country a student is, the experience is pretty much the same. So why not start that experience off at the one and only LSU? Go Tigers.

When moving to college, there is a lot to do. First, you have to get accepted. Once you’re accepted, everything else can fall into place. At LSU, it is not required that freshman live on campus. But it is highly recommended as students who live on campus consistently have a higher GPA, retention rate, and graduation rate. When moving on campus, you have to keep in mind the size of your room, and whether or not you are going to be sharing it. Having a roommate for the first time can be tough, and there are all kinds of things that can go really right or really wrong. The best thing to remember when you have an issue with a roommate is, you have to live with them. Decide whether or not the issue is worth it.

Aside from the actual physical move, going away to college is the best experience. It’s one step closer to adulthood, and one step closer to figuring out who you really are. Both are exciting monumental occasions in anyone’s life. Any upperclassman will tell you one thing, and one thing only, no matter who you ask; don’t party too much. A lot of the time when kids move away from home for the first time they go a little crazy. If they can keep their grades in check, that’s fine. But nine times out of ten when kids go into that party phase, their grades suffer. The best thing to do is focus on your studies first, and focus on having a strong social life later. The grades are what’s going to get you the diploma, not the late nights at the club. And one more thing to remember. When you get there, don’t be scared to make friends. Everyone is scared because you are all in the exact same boat.

College can be one of the best times of your life. Just remember that your grades are more important than that party that everyone is going to.