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Tips for Moving Out of an Apartment and Into Your First Home

Congratulations! Your dreams of owning your first home have finally come true! Typically, the storyline goes: girl meets boy, girl and boy date for a few months, girl and boy move into an apartment together, girl and boy get married, and then comes the time for them to find their first home. When it comes to moving out of an apartment and into a house, you definitely do not have to downsize, so taking care of your belongings may not be the issue; however, there are many more factors that come into play when it comes to moving out of an apartment and into a home.  Baton Rouge moving companies want you to make the most out of your moving experience, so we have some tips and a checklist of things to make sure you do when preparing to move out of your apartment.

Know your lease. If you already know that you will be moving out on a certain date, make sure that you let your property manager know as soon as you are 100% sure. Double check your lease and see if they require 30 or 60 day notice. If you violate the notice you may be forced to pay for the short notice, since the property manager will have less time to fill the apartment. They can end up charging you after you move out, for however long it takes them to find a new tenant.

Get your deposit back. Perhaps one of the most important factors when it comes to moving out of an apartment, is making sure that you get all of your security deposit back. Now, this will initially be based upon whether or not you did a walkthrough with your property manager BEFORE you moved in, to sign off on any existing damages. If you did and there was no damage that you signed off for, make sure that there is no damage when you leave. If you do find damage, make sure that you fix it or that you submit a ticket for the maintenance people to fix, if it was out of your control. To make sure that your apartment makes a good impression on your property manager or landlord, consider hiring a professional cleaning service to come and clean, making it look spotless so you get that security deposit back!

Do a final walkthrough.  Even after all of your things are packed and loaded in a moving truck, ready to go, do a final walkthrough. Your final walkthrough should include:

- Checking each room

- Securing all windows and doors

- Check the thermostat or turn it off

- Leave all keys or turn them in

Prepare your moving crew.  The most common things that people forget when it comes time to move are:

- Giving the movers their new address and phone number in case they need to contact them from the     truck while en route

- Making sure there is ample parking for the moving truck

- Having cash to tip the moving crew

- Driving directions to the new house, in detail.