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Moving from Baton Rouge to the Bayou

A bayou is a body of water that is found in a flat, low-lying area, and is typically smooth and extremely slow-moving. A bayou is often a stream or river, and the shoreline outlining it is comprised of unkempt, marshy wetlands. The first settlements of the bayous in America (typically Louisiana) were the Creoles, which is why traditional Creole cuisine can be found throughout the state, but perhaps more prominently surrounding the bayou. Unlike the rest of Louisiana, life on the bayou has its own pace and culture, which is why so many people decide to move from Baton Rouge to the bayou, or to the bayou from other major Louisiana cities.

Moving from Baton Rouge to the bayou portions of Lafourche parish, which is just south of the Intracoastal Canal and also known as Golden Meadow, creates a sort of nostalgia for those who are looking for a break from the busy big cities of Baton Rouge, LaFayette and New Orleans.

If you have decided to take the big step to move to the bayou, local moving companies located near the bayou can let you in on what to expect when it comes to bayou living.

-Waking up to the smell of the salty marsh – a feeling that everyone loves! Waking up to the smell of the salty marsh gives you the feeling as if you live on the intracoastal, much like the beach.

- Living on the bayou in Golden Meadow is like living one mile away from a levee at all times.

- Knowing how to fish is a must. Bayou movers suggest that if you don’t already know how to fish (although you probably wouldn’t be moving to the bayou if you didn’t ), then you should definitely pick up a rod and reel, and some tackle, as well as a small skiff boat to truly enjoy everything that the bayou has to offer.

- The bayou is the perfect Louisiana retirement spot for those who love the great outdoors and true Southern Louisiana living.

- You’ll find the best Creole cuisine when you move from Baton Rouge to the Bayou.

- There are no malls, very few restaurants and bars, no entertainment venues, no movie theater, and no downtown. Bayou living is for those who are looking for simplicity, family closeness, American pride and heritage, and love country music.

- You can expect to attend the local high school football games for your Friday night entertainment.

- If your children go to school in a bayou community, you can expect them to love where they come from, and a lot of people even return after attending college.

Although most bayou communities are small and know all of the residents, they are all welcoming to newcomers and are used to people moving there each year. All My Sons Moving & Storage Baton Rouge has over 25 years of experience moving families in and out of the famous bayou, and can lend you a free moving estimate for your big move to the small communities of the bayou.