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How to Make Sure Your Mover Moves Your Piano Correctly

If you are moving and you have a large piano, it is recommended that you entrust a Baton Rouge moving company to move it for you.

Piano owners know that their piano is not inexpensive, so if you own a piano and will be moving, make sure that the moving company that you hire to move your home, can also safely move your piano. When you are shopping around for a mover in Baton Rouge, make sure that you are asking whether or not they move pianos; you do not want to end up hiring a mover to move your home that cannot also move your piano.

Once you hire a moving company to move your piano, there are some piano moving tips that you will want to make sure that they do, so that you know they are moving your piano correctly.

1) Make sure that your Baton Rouge mover has multiple movers to move your piano. Pianos are not only heavy, they are an awkward object to move, so make sure that your mover shows up with enough people in order to safely move your piano.

2) Check to see if your mover has the right equipment to move your piano. They should show up with some heavy duty straps and possibly a furniture dolly that can support the weight of the piano. Your mover will also need padding or blankets to help move your piano out of your home, protecting corners from being scratched by the walls. Your mover will also want to use padded material when packing your piano into the moving truck. Either the moving company will come prepared with padding, or they may ask you to provide some blankets. When in doubt, call your moving company to double check if there is anything that they need in order to move your piano, or if they come fully equipped.

3) Double check that the keyboard lid is securely fastened shut. Make sure that you closed and locked it before the mover shows up; although, your mover should know to check this as well if they are a professional piano mover.

4) Wrap the piano with blankets, securing particular, protruding corners. If you wrap the piano yourself, it will help your mover out.

5) Your piano mover should not be lifting your piano by its legs, if you see them doing this tell them to stop.

6) Make sure that your piano mover keeps the piano in an upright position. Tilting a piano onto its side can mess up its internal mechanics. A professional piano mover should place moving straps underneath the piano so that they reach the other side; it is best to use two straps and four people. Using the straps, your movers should be able to lift your piano onto a moving dolly, standing on its legs. If your piano has casters, you will want to make sure that you lock them in place, if you can.

7) If you are moving, the piano is what should go into the moving truck first. If you want to test the moving company that you hired, see if they ask where the piano is so that they can move it first. If they do not ask where the piano is when they arrive, they may not be professional piano movers, or they may not have been informed that you have a piano to move, resulting in them being ill prepared. Make sure that you call your moving company the morning of your move, to make sure that the movers they send are well aware and equipped to move your piano. A professional piano mover will put planks down inside the moving truck, in order to make sure that the floor is level and relieve pressure off of the piano’s legs.

If you hire the right mover, they should know all of these tricks on how to properly move your piano. All My Sons Moving & Storage of Baton Rouge can professionally move your piano so that you can relax and enjoy a stress-free move.