Make Your Baton Rouge Rental Really Feel Like Home

Renting can sometimes leave you with specific things that you cannot do while living in a particular place. A lot of landlords don’t like when you paint, put a lot of nails or screws in the wall, or change things about the home without their permission. Thankfully, that doesn’t mean you can’t make a place truly unique and feel like home! Moving to Baton Rouge means you might be living in your own space for the first time, so of course you want to make it shine. We’ve got a few tips to help you create a home that is truly unique.

Change out the blinds. Don’t toss the ones that your landlord owns, but take them down and hang nice ones that will complement your taste. Fabric, woven shades, and curtains can all take your rental windows to a new level of style.

Maximize space. Have odd corners or small sections of wall that seem useless? Use them as a space to mount shelves and store items out of the way, or decorate with pillar candles and photos. It’s all about personalizing the place to your tastes and your liking.

Bring in your own lighting. Cheap and unattractive lighting fixtures can bring down the ambience of a room, which is something that you can easily counteract with quality lighting fixtures and pieces. Chandeliers are a nice luxurious touch that you can easily uninstall and take with you when you move. Also, incorporating lots of lamps is a great way to increase the warm lighting and make it feel like a cozier space.

Paint if you are allowed to. Be prepared that you will have to paint it back when you move out, but painting the walls makes it feel like a more personal and inviting place. You can even consult with the landlord, and if they like your colors they might not make you repaint. Light tan colors and pale grays usually bode well and are appealing to future tenants too.

Decorate the bathroom like it is a real room. Hang some interesting art, incorporate a theme or color palette, and use high quality décor rather than typical plastic bathroom wares.

Hide the unflattering. Have a huge fuse box in the corner of your dining room? Find a piece of framed art that can hang over it and disguise the harsh metal door. Covering things that you do not find appealing will help you see things in a new way.

Broaden your kitchen. Removing cabinet doors from a small kitchen can help open up the space and keep everything easy to reach and use. Just be sure to keep all of the screws and doors together so that you can easily put everything back in place when you are done!

Enjoy making your Baton Rouge rental home or apartment unique and welcoming.