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Living in Baton Rouge

In 2013, Livability.com, a website that’s sole function is to rank the most livable small and mid-sized cities, ranked Baton Rouge as the third best city in the United States for retirees. According to the report, Baton Rouge provides “low taxes, strong investments in transportation, warm weather, and an abundance of assisted living centers and home health-care providers,” making moving to Baton Rouge ideal for those who are looking to retire and settle somewhere for good.

Moving to Baton Rouge is not just a great idea for retirees though. The capital city of Louisiana is brimming with things to do for families, singles, and couples without children. With numerous restaurants, diverse culture and historical roots, swamps, gardens, golf courses, parks, fishing, hiking, and sports, there is something for everyone living in Baton Rouge. Other reports rank Baton Rouge highly for having a decent median salary, employment rate, housing affordability, and inexpensive local dining, making it even more perfect for young families.

Testimonials about living in Baton Rouge say that the area has the Creole charm of New Orleans without the grit and grime, and Baton Rouge movers would agree. When it comes to moving to Louisiana, many families and singles may love the fun that is New Orleans, but Baton Rouge offers all the amenities of a day-to-day livability alternative.

As Louisiana’s primary university town, Baton Rouge is also perfect for young adults, earning the city the 33rd spot on Areavibes ranks Baton Rouge at 67/100 for liveability in 2014. According to the list, Baton Rouge’s center and LSU campus is within close proximity to “eclectic neighborhoods like Capital Heights, Garden District and Spanish Town.” And since Baton Rouge ranks as the number one city in the United States in terms of low cab fare, you can get home, make it to class, or grab a bite at a local bar for a cheap fare.

If you are moving to Baton Rouge, local movers and residents have the following advice and information:

- Avoid rush hour traffic.

- Visit the unique stores and local shopping.

- Try some of the authentic French creole food.

- Take your family on a classic swamp tour or a trip to the bayou after your Baton Rouge movers and packers have finished getting you settled in.

 Baton Rouge has the best burgers and fries in the state.

- LSU is the loudest stadium in the country.

 Homemade ice cream is a must-have dessert in the city.

- Gambling is legal.

- Take your kids to Circle Bowl and Blue Bayou Waterpark/Dixie Landin’.

 The 13th Gate is the go-to Haunted House on Halloween.

- Baton Rouge parishes elect their own presidents.

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