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Live Clutter Free with 6 Easy Steps

Clutter is an issue that most of us deal with, and the Baton Rouge movers want to help teach you how to cut clutter significantly and continually push it from your life. With just a few minutes a day and a dedication to keeping your home clutter-free, you’ll notice the papers, piles, and junk stay at bay.

One room at a time. There are a few rules to remember when in an area of your home. Maintaining a section of your house is a lot more bearable than taking on the idea of the entire house. Remember to take out garbage, close things that you open, put things back where they belong, wash what’s dirty, and hang up what you take down.

Mini clean-out sessions. The idea of setting aside a weekend to de-clutter is a daunting (and dreaded) task. Rather than set yourself up to dread and delay cleaning out closets, drawers, and cabinets, tackle a little bit each day. Take five minutes to straighten up a room, and five more to look through things and purge a little each day. Doing this five times a week will give you a lot of small projects that will be visible as a whole uplifting effect for your home.

One in, one out. It’s not a crime to get new things, but you do need to keep a quantity control of what you have. This applies to every family member on some level. For kids, a new toy means that they must get rid of an old one. For clothes horses, one new pair of jeans means get rid of an old pair. Reason with yourself to steer clear of superfluous purchases. Put the amount something would cost towards a trip or a larger item you are saving for.

Turn cleaning into a game.  Shoot hoops with dirty clothes into the hamper. Play music and see how much you can clean before your favorite song ends. Making it interesting will give you something else to focus on rather than the fact that you are essentially performing housework.

Make a list. Most people don’t seek out chores. Keep everyone on track by creating a calendar for family members and detail who does what on each day. Rotate chores and responsibilities so that everyone gets experience with each chore without burning out on it.

Give to charity. Old clothes, toys, towels and bedding do not belong in the garbage. Plenty of people frequent secondhand stores and your “trash” could be another person’s treasure. Throwing away goods contributes to landfills and is bad for the environment, in addition to being wasteful and throwing away perfectly usable items.