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Landscaping Tips for Your Baton Rouge Home

Here in Baton Rouge, we all spend a lot of time outdoors. Whether its football games or BBQs, birthday parties or family dinners, having a space to entertain outdoors is an essential part of a Baton Rouge home. Here at your friendly Baton Rouge movers, we have a few tips for creating an inviting backyard that will be the shining backdrop for your next outdoor get together.

First, consider what kind of mood you want the space to emit. Cozy? Chic? Playful? Establishing what you want to accomplish is the first step in creating a swoon-worthy space. Also, consider activities: grilling, reading, lounging, chatting, playing… what will go on in the backyard?

Think of items you need, such as a new grill or a fire pit. Fountains, statues, hammocks and other accents can bring life to your yard.

Bring in blooms. Flowers and plants are a great addition to any yard, and they are practical and functional things to have. Plants can offer nourishment, and flowers will enhance the aesthetic design of your yard.

Make your garden a reflection of your home. The yard is a part of the house, and the two should have a symbiotic relationship. Make the indoor-outdoor flow a natural transition, where the two are similar and an extension of each other. Use similar building materials, furnishings, and color schemes.

Use global influences to create a unique space. If you love to travel or have an upcoming trip, use a foreign place as inspiration for something to recreate at home. Maybe you like the Zen-like feel of Asian rivers and gardens—why not recreate your own in the backyard?

Incorporate multipurpose pieces that can do double duty in the yard. Also, seating that expands and tables that you can extend are ideal if you host varying amounts of people.  

Strategically place plants. Plant holders can be great space fillers with big green plants spilling over them. Few things look more groomed and chic than walls with planted ivy and other greenery along the vertical space. Find what works for your yard and make greenery center stage.

Good lighting is invaluable. Incorporate warm lighting elements like lanterns, candles, and recessed lighting to set an ambience in the backyard that is cozy and inviting.