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What DOESN’T LaFayette Have?

Moving to Louisiana and still dabbling between which city you should or should not move to? LaFayette moving companies can help you out, by offering you our first-hand insight on this amazing area.

Let’s start with some numbers…

LaFayette’s median resident age is 34 years old.

LaFayette’s median household income is $40,396, which is right in line with the state median.

LaFayette’s median home value is $171,200.

84.5% of residents over the age of 24 have earned their high school degree or higher; with 31.6% holding a bachelor’s degree.

More on why LaFayette is a great place to live…

Temperature. If the above numbers were not enough proof that LaFayette is one of the most ideal places to live, maybe the fact that for the majority of the year, LaFayette residents get to enjoy a cool mid-seventies temperature.

Everything. LaFayette is also no stranger to fun things to do; with activities ranging from: biking, birding, boating, camping, golf, hiking, shopping, sports, tours, zoos, breweries, fine art and galleries, haunted towns, lakes, beaches, state parks, and culinary sensations.

Cajun Cuisine. LaFayette is where the heart of the Bayou’s Cajun culinary cuisine lies. You and your family can visit the Little River Inn and dine at Café Jo Jo’s or the Village Café and leave having your minds already made up that LaFayette is one of Louisiana’s most quaint, large city. Think that doesn’t make sense? LaFayette is the fourth largest city in the state; however, its people, small business owners, and distinct local restaurants make local residents and families feel as if they are in their own little country, that they never want to leave.

Events and Festivals. LaFayette has no shortage of things to do either.  As a new resident, make sure that you make it to all of the city’s main events, like: Bach Lunch, Bicentennial, Cajun & Creole Christmas, Crawfish Festival, Downtown Alive, Festivals Acadiens et Creoles, LA Crossroads, Mardi Gras, and the Zydeco Festival.

The Great Outdoors. Love outdoor sports and activities? Louisiana is known as “The Sportsman’s Paradise”, but be careful out there on the bayou…there may be an alligator or two lurking beneath your kayak. But, that is not the only place where they can be taking an afternoon nap; alligators can climb, so you can find many of them hanging out in the trees along the banks of the water. After all, Louisiana has the largest alligator population in the entire United States.

Nightlife. For those who like to make their days never-ending, here in LaFayette, we like to party as hard as we work. Want to grab a beer, dance to some Cajun music, and grub on some fried catfish at the same time? There is no shortage of bars and nightlife hot spots that are also engulfed in the Louisiana culture.

Shopping.  The Acadiana Mall is the largest mall in LaFayette, where you can be sure to find every store to suit your style.