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How to Introduce Yourself to Your Baton Rouge Neighbors

When people move to new neighborhoods, buildings, or city blocks, especially in Baton Rouge, they will often speculate about who their new neighbors are. Finding the time to introduce yourself to your Baton Rouge neighbors is usually left up to chance. After you move, there is so many things that need to be taken care of, that meeting your neighbors becomes lower on the list of priorities. More often than not, it becomes something we never do. However, knowing your neighbors provides for a safer community, one where neighbors are looking out for one another.

The Baton Rouge home movers know that on top of building a strong and safe community, you can build some really strong and long-lasting friendships. To make yourself at home and get to know your neighbors, the All My Sons of Baton Rouge offer the following tips to get to know the folks living around you:

Utilize your front yard, porch, and balcony.

Everyone lives a busy life, and getting to know your neighbors is time consuming and tedious. We suggest that you mix it up and incorporate your everyday activities into ones that may produce interaction with your neighbors. Instead of hanging out in your backyard, spend some time in the front yard.

Whether it is reading a book, enjoying a cold glass of Pinot Grigio, or trimming the hedges, being out in the open naturally leads to conversation to those who pass by, are coming home from work, or leaving for the evening. After all, isn’t that what homes are for? A large porch is for families to enjoy on warm summer nights where parents can sit and watch the children play.

Shake one hand per week.

As most people tend to get, after you move to Baton Rouge you will probably find yourself swamped with unpacking and settling and getting started with new jobs and school. However, you should be determined to get to know the rich and diverse Baton Rouge area. Set the task of shaking at least one new hand per week, and make it a priority to take a little housewarming gift to one of your neighbor’s house every week. Introduce yourself to your Baton Rouge neighbors and have a small chat.

This method is most effective in meeting your neighbors. If you simply wait for your neighbors to come to you, you may never have the opportunity to meet the good hearted people of Baton Rouge. We highly recommend taking just 15 minutes a week to shake one new hand.

Host a housewarming party.

Whenever people ask the Baton Rouge moving company what is the best way to get to know neighbors, we always suggest hosting a house warming party. We recommend that instead of hosting a full on house party, try having a cocktail party with small hor d’evours. This will give you a great opportunity to meet your neighbors with very little clean up.