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How to Decorate a Baton Rouge Apartment

Welcome to the city affectionately named the red stick. If you do not know any French, now you know what Baton Rouge actually means. It’s a name that stuck, much like a stick in the mud, and it’s come to define a Southern style, not just a place on the Mississippi River. You’ve found the perfect Baton Rouge apartment, hired the best Baton Rouge moving company you could find, and now it’s time to decorate your new pad.

Color - Time to pull up your britches and get knee deep in some paint. Yeah, you can just keep the egg shell white that your apartment most likely came in, but where’s the fun in that? Your Baton Rouge apartment should be painted in a color that represents the vibrancy of the city. Here’s a quick list of appropriate colors from your favorite Baton Rouge moving company All My Sons: Barn Red, Texas Leather, Palladian Blue and last but not least, Site White. Now get to painting and make your Baton Rouge apartment feel like a proper Southern home indeed!

Furniture – Hickory is the hot stuff; you want to go for some nice and vibrant wood furniture. You’re in the South so think of that traditional feel that most homes in the US had back then. Don’t go too far back now, it would just be strange if you turned your Baton Rouge apartment into something that would make sense in the rural living museum on the LSU campus. Keep it modern, but add in warm wood accents. The sunny climate of the Mississippi will complement the wood and the colors that you have chosen from the bullet above.

Rooms – If you have a decent sized dining room, then take advantage of it by putting in a big wooden table. Make sure you have a Baton Rouge moving company like All My Sons to get that table there for you in one piece. Communicate that Southern welcome feeling by showing that you are prepared to host the neighborhood and get down on some great cooking. Bedrooms should have some great traditional, fancy looking light fixtures that give you the impression of the French heritage that still lingers in Baton Rouge.

Kitchen – You had better be ready to cook, and think of the community when shopping for the kitchen. Look for lemonade pitchers, big serving dishes, and bowls big enough to feed all the guests. Keep that idea of great a Southern community all over your Baton Rouge apartment. Floral kitchens work well in the semi tropical climate of Baton Rouge. Keep it light and fluffy and keep cooking!

Bookshelves – Nothing shows more style and panache than a great book collection. If you’ve just moved to Baton Rough with the help of All My Sons Baton Rouge moving company, you need to get the Baton Rouge style into that apartment. Because the history of the South is so full and interesting, it doesn’t hurt to get a few books about Baton Rouge, or even about the Mississippi River itself. And there are no extra points for having Huckleberry Finn on the shelf; it should be there already!

On behalf of all of us at All My Sons Baton Rouge, happy apartment hunting and happy moving!