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5 Home Decor Items to Toss

We’ve all been there; we hire the best moving company to move our precious belongings into our new home and…jeeze we have a lot of stuff! The best moving tip anyone could possibly give you: be strict about what you pack and move into a new home. DO NOT bring items that you never use and, more importantly, that you don’t need. Most movers charge you by the weight of the truck, so the less that you bring with you, the better. Unsure what items are items that your new home can live without? Baton Rouge movers have compiled a list of the top 5 items that your home will not miss…in fact, your home is begging you to throw these items away!

1) Toilet Seat Covers and Rugs.
Sure, they are fluffy and cute, but they serve no purpose to your home and they can actually make a small bathroom look even smaller. Toilet seat covers and rugs collect germs and can add to your electricity and water bill since you clearly have to throw them in the washing machine regularly. When your guests walk into your bathroom, what do you want to be their focal point? Toilet seat covers and rugs draw unnecessary attention to your toilet. A simple fix if you just cannot live without a rug in your bathroom: purchase a small decorative rug and place it a couple feet away from your toilet, like in front of your vanity; creating the decorative appeal that you desired, while not dragging all eyes to your toilet.

2) Vases.
Every year, someone probably gets you flowers – and they come in a simple glass vase. Do you keep these vases? More often than not, female homeowners find that they have two or three of these cheap vases, just in case they get any more flowers. However, there is nothing special about these vases other than the occasion they may have been given to you on. Do yourself and your home’s interior appeal a favor, and purchase one or two nice, decorative vases.

3) Fake Flower Arrangements.
The rule of thumb here: unless they are the newer versions that are made of silk and you are dusting them on the regular, toss them! Most people opt for fake plants to decorate their homes with because they are easier to maintain and last longer; however, if you are not maintaining them at all, they just look tacky and cheap.

4) Curtains.
We know, we know, everyone has curtains right? But are they outdated? When is the last time you replaced your curtains? If it has not been recently, then you should invest some time into finding new ones, with a print that is in-style. On the other hand, do you have beautiful windows? Do you have floor-length windows with wood trim? If the windows in your home are actually a feature and visually attractive, do yourself and your windows a favor and show them off! Let them let light in! It is no surprise that natural lighting saves electricity and therefore, money.

5) Knickknacks.
 There is such a thing as over-decorating. Even if you love your significant other, you love your dog or cat, or you love your children; excessive trinkets and pictures of them, spread out on every inch of surface throughout your home – is not fun for anyone who visits; it is actually visually overwhelming.  When you have too much going on in your home, it is hard for you, your family, and your guests to relax their eyes.

Try to stay up-to-date with the latest home decorating trends. It is one thing to want numerous photos of your family and pets, but the frames can be in style, and a few select, favorite photos are the way to go; not framing every photo you have. Simplicity has been the trend over the past decade, and simplicity never goes out of style. Ditch the bathroom rugs, free vases, fake flowers, and outdated curtains, and opt for home items that are simple, yet stylish, and will not take away from the natural appeal of your home. Every home décor item that you have should enhance the look and style of your home.