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Baton Rouge Business Owners Struggle with State to Alleviate Interstate Congestion

Baton Rouge Interstate

State representatives and local business owners near in Baton Rouge are currently hashing out electoral opposition as it applies to a particular four-mile stretch of highway. Local shops and restaurants near Perkins Road are protesting the proposed widening of Interstate 10 on the basis that construction would obstruct the flow of traffic and thus their flow of customers. Your local Baton Rouge movers know that the state’s dilemma regarding I-10 is a difficult one; on one hand the daily bottle-necking of traffic presents the need for a solution such as widening the highway, while on the other hand Baton Rouge’s local businesses and business owners must be preserved and protected in order for the problem to truly be solved.
As a local moving company, your relocation specialist here in Baton Rouge can definitely relate to the business owners’ side of the argument; however, as our moving trucks are often affected by traffic congestion, the need for the state of Louisiana to execute a fast solution is not going to go away any time soon. Your mover in Baton Rouge is glad to see that the state is trying its hardest to come to a decision that is within everybody’s best interest; Louisiana has hired consultants to conduct research on logical solutions, and the state is also interested in what Baton Rouge residents and business owners have to say as far as possible fixes are concerned.